Major systems in your vehicle are what keep your vehicle moving and operating properly. Fluids in major systems including the engine cooling system, transmission, brakes, and power steering need regular service to continue providing vital support for your vehicle’s operation. 

Sun Auto Service provides the system flushes that are crucial in keeping your vehicle on the road, extending its life, and preventing major repairs. States like Texas and Nevada that are part of the Southwest, are considered severe climates with higher than average temperatures and dusty conditions. Severe climates and frequent stop and go traffic conditions place significant strain on vehicles. Vehicles operating in adverse conditions demand care such as routine maintenance to continue operating efficiently.

Our fluid replacement services include:

  • Power Brake Fluid Replacement
  • Transmission Fluid Replacement
  • Power Steering Fluid Flush
  • Auto Coolants Fluid Replacement

If your vehicle is in need of several flushes, we recommend our Major Service Special, which provides an oil change as well as a brake fluid, power steering, transmission flush, and more at an incredible price! You’ll save hundreds over dealership prices.

Fluid Change Service in Austin, Texas

Sun Auto Service has four locations in Texas including Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown, and Lakeway to help get your vehicle’s fluid maintenance up-to-date. Transmission, brake, power steering, cooling system, and engine fluids are vital to your vehicle’s operation. Give us a call, or visit any location near you, to discuss your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule with our team of professional Service Advisors.

Fluid Change Service in Las Vegas, Nevada

In Nevada, we have eight Sun Auto Service locations. Visit us in  Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson to learn how you can get your vehicle’s fluid maintenance up-to-date. Engine oil, brake, transmission, cooling system, and power steering fluids are crucial to your vehicle’s operation. Contact us today to get your vehicle’s maintenance schedule on track with the assistance of our friendly and knowledgeable Service Advisors.

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