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Test Your On-Board Diagnostics At Our Texas Locations

Sun Auto Service has locations all throughout Texas including Austin, Houston and San Antonio. Find a location today to test your on-board diagnostics, we’re happy to assist you.

Test Your On-Board Diagnostics At Our Nevada Locations

In Nevada, we have locations in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson. Find the location nearest to you to check your vehicle’s on-board diagnostics. Our ASE-Certified Technicians have the knowledge and tools to test your vehicle’s system properly.

Free Engine Diagnostic

If the Check Engine Light or other lights have lit up on your vehicle’s dashboard, there may be several different causes that triggered it to come on. To determine the exact cause, a technician will need to connect an advanced scan tool to review the codes stored in the vehicle’s internal computer to begin the diagnostic procedure.

Sun Auto Service offers a FREE engine diagnostic scan service. Our technicians will view and evaluate the codes that have been stored in the on-board computer. Once you authorize further diagnosis, and the cause has been determined, you’ll have a better understanding of what repairs will be necessary. 

Our technicians will provide the best options and advice for repair and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. In many cases, on the same day. We only utilize state of the art equipment to provide you with the most precise and detailed information possible. We perform only the work that you authorize and everything we do is guaranteed in writing, every time. That’s what makes Sun Auto Service your complete auto service provider. 

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