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Has your vehicle recently become more difficult to handle? If you’re missing the days when your commute was smooth and comfortable, it may be time to replace components of your suspension system. 

Here at Sun Auto Service, we employ highly-experienced ASE Certified technicians who can inspect your struts, shocks and suspension to make sure they are in proper working order.

According to the Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) experts have determined that the average strut or shock is most effective for up to 50,000 miles. Here at Sun Auto Service, we visually inspect your shocks, struts and suspension every time you have your vehicle serviced. Our Technicians inspect these vital elements of your vehicle to advise you of their condition and whether or not there are any problems that could affect the comfort or most importantly, the safety of your ride.

Shocks and struts are part of the suspension system, and help prevent unnecessary movement while driving. Once the vehicle has reached 50,000 miles, the shocks or struts have likely oscillated around 88 million times.

Car Suspension Repair Shops In Texas

Your car’s suspension can affect the comfort of your ride and your safety. That’s why it’s important to have your suspension system inspected routinely. At Sun Auto Service, we have the knowledge and equipment to ensure your vehicle’s suspension system is functioning properly. Our locations can be found all throughout Texas, including Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Cedar Park, and Georgetown

Car Suspension Repair Shops In Nevada

VVisit any of our locations in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson. Your vehicle’s ride should be smooth and comfortable but when it’s not there could be a problem with your suspension. This means it’s time to get an inspection to check your suspension components.

Signs You Need to Repair Your Car Suspension

  • Shaking while driving
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Stiff steering wheel
  • Swaying or leaning when turning
  • Front end dipping forward when braking
  • Increased stop time
  • Visually inspecting for oil leaks which indicate they have lost their charge.

If your vehicle is showing these warning signs, it’s best to have your vehicle inspected right away. There’s no reason to wait to replace the components of your suspension system. Because of new and improved technologies, in many cases, the aftermarket strut or shock is better engineered than the original factory installed parts.


Your vehicle’s suspension system is made up of many different parts designed to connect the frame to the wheels. When working properly, the suspension system allows for the ideal amount of motion and stability between the wheels and the vehicle body. A healthy suspension system performs several additional important functions, including:

  • Keeping tires firmly on the road’s surface to extend tire life
  • Stabilizing steering for easy of handling and safety
  • Minimizing road noises and vibrations for increased comfort
  • Facilitating effective braking for maximum safety

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