At Sun Auto Service, we know how important fleet vehicles are to any company. When just one vehicle is down, it can have a profound effect on your business. Since same-day fleet service is a top priority at our shop, you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to get your vehicle running smoothly again.

We provide service for a wide variety of auto needs, including:

Maintenance: Oil and filter changes, tire rotations, brake system checks, multipoint inspections and more.

Cooling System: Thermostat repairs, radiator services, flushes, belt and hose replacements, heating and core services.

Technical: Tune-ups, computer repairs, fuel system service, engine diagnostics, emissions, electrical services and more.

Transmissions: Service and repair for automatic, 4 x 4 and standard transmissions.

Drivetrain: Clutch work, oil leaks, timing belt replacement, valve jobs, engine repairs, drive shaft services and CV & U joints.

Ride Handling: Strut replacements, wheel balancing, 2-wheel alignments, 4-wheel alignments, suspension work, bearings, steering and shocks.

If any of your fleet vehicles are not working properly, bring them to us and we will be happy to perform a complete 50-point inspection in order to determine what type of repairs or maintenance work you may need.