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When it comes to your engine, timing is everything. Responsible for synchronizing the crankshaft to the camshafts, the timing belt is essential for keeping your engine running smoothly and efficiently. It ensures that all the necessary valves open and shut on cue with the pistons. Take a moment to learn a little more about how your timing belt works, as well as some of the signs that you may be due for a new one.

Your Timing Belt Explained

Made of cogged rubber, your timing belt is threaded through pulleys that align the camshafts to the crankshaft. Since the camshafts rotate at half the speed of the crankshaft, the belt synchronizes their positions, ensuring your engine valves open and close at the proper times. Additionally, the timing belt controls other engine components and accessories, including the:

  • Water pump
  • Balance shaft
  • Intermediate shaft
  • Injection and oil pump

In order to function correctly, the timing belt must be properly tensioned. Loose belts are often the cause of many engine and timing issues. Therefore, it’s important to know when you need timing belt replacement or adjustment.

Typically, the lifespan of your timing belt is between 60,000 to 105,000 miles depending on the vehicle. However, we recommend that you have your timing belt regularly inspected for any imperfections during routine maintenance checks. Our ASE Certified technicians know the signs of a failing timing belt and can replace it before breaks.

Timing Belt Replacement in Texas

Visit any of our locations in Texas near Austin, Houston, or San Antonio to get your timing belt inspected. Our ASE-Certified Technicians will make sure your timing belt is in good, working condition.

Timing Belt Replacement in Nevada

Our ASE-Certified Technicians know the signs of a failing timing belt, and can be sure to adjust or replace it before it breaks. Visit any of our Nevada locations throughout Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson to keep your timing belt running smoothly.

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At Sun Auto Service, we provide routine inspection and maintenance to ensure your belt is in good condition, and offer timing belt replacement should you need it. Whenever you have questions or concerns about your car, we have the expertise to provide lasting solutions. Whether you need a timing belt replacement or a total transmission overhaul, we can get the job done. Schedule an appointment with us today, or give us a call.

Commercial Services

We offer a variety of commercial fleet maintenance and repair services with an emphasis on expedient, same-day service whenever possible. We understand that your vehicles are critical to your business, and we make sure that we get your fleet fixed quickly and effectively.


Symptoms of a Timing Belt That Needs Replacement:

  • Cracks or cuts in the rubber
  • Oil on the belt
  • Excessive wear
  • Inadequate tension

Though signs that your timing belt is worn may not always be obvious, they are nevertheless important to address. Let us take a look, and we’ll give you our expert, professional opinion.

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