Major Service Special

Major Savings!  Preventive Maintenance is the Key to a Long Last Vehicle.

Compare at $750 or more Average Dealer Price!*

Any additional parts or services extra.  Some exceptions apply.  Cannot be combined with any other advertised specials.  Add $6 waste disposal fee.  Must present coupon at time of purchase.  Price comparison information available upon request.

Services Include:

Lube, Oil, Filter*
Up to 6 qts. 5W- 20 or 5W-30 Premium Valvoline Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Tire Rotation
Brake Fluid Flush*

  • Valvoline Professional Series Brake System Flush is designed to remove the old, contaminated brake fluid from the ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) and replace it with Premium dry Valvoline Brake Fluid.
  • Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air over time which leads to soft of sluggish brake response as well as corrosion of brake system components.
  • Periodic flushing and replacement will ensure maximum effectiveness and extend the life of brake components.
    ** Some manufacturer’s specific brake fluids are required at additional cost.

Power Steering Flush*

  • Valvoline Professional Series (VPS) Power Steering Flush is a 2-step process which utilizes power steering flush equipment and VPS flush chemicals.
  • This service is designed to safely lift and remove contaminants along with up to 95% of the old power steering fluid.
  • It is then replaced with a new synthetic blend Valvoline power steering fluid that is designed to maximize performance.
  • This service also helps reduce noise, leaks and corrosion in the power steering system.

**Some vehicles require manufacturer’s specific power steering fluid at additional cost.
**Some vehicles have electric power steering where this service does not apply.

Battery and Charging System Check
Scan on-board computers for codes
Cooling System flush with Extended Life Coolant*

  • Valvoline Professional Series Cooling System Flush removes up to 95% of the old fluid while the flush chemicals dissolve and remove rust, scale, sludge and gel from the system.
  • Up to 1 gallon of new Extended Life Coolant is added along with a rust and corrosion protector and a sealer additive.

Transmission Flush with Max Life ATF*

  • Valvoline Professional Series Automatic Transmission Flush is a 2-step process which utilizes a transmission fluid exchange machine and Valvoline VPS flush chemicals.
  • This service is designed to remove harmful deposits along with up to 95% of the old transmission fluid.
  • It is then replaced with new extended life Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) as well as a protector, conditioner and sealer that helps maintain shifting characteristics and protection from wear.

**Filter and Pan Gasket additional charge if required
**Some manufacturer specific fluids at additional charge if required.

Clean and Adjust Rear Brakes
**Where applicable

Inspect Throttle Body and Injection System

  • Visual inspection by ASE Certified Technicians

Replace Air Filter*
**Up to $14.95 Retail Value

Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection

  • Our ASE Certified Technicians will inspect your vehicle and let you know if it needs attention.
  • This can help prevent major expenses due to lack of maintenance.
  • Over 52 Inspection Points



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Major Service Special$395.95 Most cars & light trucks