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Care for Every Automotive System

SAS Auto Repair ShopFinding a great place for engine repairs can be challenging sometimes, but with the number of shops out there that specialize in a few systems, it is not going to take you very long to find somebody who can look at a particular problem. What makes Sun Auto Service special is the fact that we are able to offer full-service repairs. This means more than just complete engine service. It means we are ready to help with all of the following.

  • Transmission Repair: This includes basic maintenance that prevents long-term damage and cleans the system, as well as more complicated procedures. Our service technicians are experienced with both manual and automatic transmission system repairs and overhauls. That means no matter what you drive, we can help when your transmission acts up.
  • Brakes: From diagnostics and regular checkups to full brake system repairs that involve multiple part replacements at each wheel, we can help you with all your stopping system needs. What’s even better? Repair is only part of the equation. Our technicians are also happy to install performance upgrades and to discuss the maintenance lifecycle of these new components so you are prepared to get the most out of your high-end parts.
  • Suspension, Shocks, and Struts: Finding a great engine repair shop that also keeps one eye on your suspension system means getting the maneuverability you count on every time you hit the accelerator. Suspension coupled with shocks and struts repair has the biggest effect on how the car feels when you drive out of any other factors that go into your vehicle maintenance. Since most suspension parts are designed to wear, having expert advice about your replacement timeline and immediate needs means staying on top of your suspension system health.
  • Engine Repair: Engine repair is our particular strong suit at Sun Auto Service. When you have issues with your fuel/air mixture, spark plugs, pistons, or other basic engine system components, our team takes a multidimensional approach that includes everything from your ignition to your exhaust. Engines are more than just the actual block, after all – without the right fuel coming in and exhaust going out, they will not work as expected, so great engine repair means looking at the whole process.
  • Air Conditioning and Other Repairs: Taking care of your vehicle means more than just staying on top of the systems that move you from place to place and keep you safe. It also means staying on top of the creature comforts you count on to help you stay focused on the road. Our technicians are fully trained in HVAC and other support system repairs for your vehicle. When we say we are your full-service engine repair shop, we mean it.

Service Built Around Your Needs

One of the best ways to minimize your need for vehicle engine repair is by getting into a regular preventative maintenance schedule. This allows you to stay on top of emerging issues, getting repairs done before there is a major malfunction that sidelines your vehicle. Nothing can prevent parts from wearing and breaking, but when you have a regular relationship with a mechanic who knows your vehicle and sees it regularly, it gets easier to make sure those maintenance concerns don’t surprise you when you least expect them.

Sun Auto Service technicians are always happy to work with you in between repairs to design the maintenance schedule that fits your schedule and your budget. Once you get into that pattern, the ongoing communication between you and our techs will help keep you abreast of any new developments as your vehicle ages. Different vehicles have different needs, so make sure you know your car by working with the people who can help you learn more about it.