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Why Is My Car Blowing Hot Air Instead of Cold?

Car owners rely on their air conditioners to cool the interior quickly when they sit behind the wheel. When the A/C is blowing hot air, you can get frustrated, but there is no reason to lose your cool. A Sun Auto Service technician can run a few easy diagnostic tests to determine the cause of the problem and make repairs to your vehicle’s air conditioner. Here are a few common issues that can affect A/C units.

Find the Leak

Refrigerant is the substance that runs through the evaporator to cool hot air inside the car cabin. It continually changes from liquid to gas whiles it moves through the sealed system. It is possible to develop tiny leaks, and when that happens, you may not be able to detect the odorless gas that escapes. A mechanic can determine if your system is leaking refrigerant and add more to keep the air cool.

The Condensed Version

Another common problem with vehicle A/C units is a broken or blocked condenser. Sometimes, dirt and debris can clog the condenser, leaving it unable to properly function. It can also develop a leak from damage from road conditions or just general wear and tear. With a visual inspection, you may be able to spot a clog, but other tests may be needed if a leak is present.

Down to the Wire

Any electrical system is susceptible to blown fuses or damaged wires, and your vehicle’s A/C unit is no exception. Switches can also fail, leading to a blast of heat instead of the sweet cool relief you expect. Unless you have experience with electrical parts, you may want to get professional help for any repairs of this nature.

Under Pressure

Over time, your air conditioning compressor may stop working. A compressor repair may be costlier than some of the other causes of A/C failure because it can be more complicated to fix. If you run your air conditioner periodically in the off-season, you may be able to prolong the life of your compressor.

Any time your vehicle’s air conditioner is not working, you can swing by your closest Sun Auto Service to have a technician diagnose and repair the problem. We run a number of tests to ensure we are doing only the work your vehicle requires to save you time and money. We will do our best to handle your automotive needs efficiently and get you back on the open road with plenty of cool air to keep you comfortable.