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Why Choose Sun Auto Service?

When it comes to deciding who will manage your automotive maintenance, there are a variety of reasons to choose Sun Auto Service. We’re capable of delivering the highest level of expertise, the right mix of services and the peace of mind you need. At Sun Auto Service, we’re proud to do all of these things – and more!

Outstanding Quality and Expertise

Our technicians are ASE certified, meaning they’re certified automotive experts who can ensure that the services your vehicle needs are performed correctly every time. Beyond excellent technical service, we’ll also work hard to try and alert you about any potential problems we find before they become larger issues for both you and your wallet. We will also review the work we’ve completed with you, so that you have the opportunity to ask questions and fully understand the work that has been done on your car. Sun Auto Service offers the highest-quality solutions for our customers’ automotive needs. Whether you need something as simple as an oil change or require major repair, we can help.

Range of Services

Keeping your car, truck, van or SUV in good condition requires more than just periodically changing the oil. Today’s vehicles are complex machines, combining a wide range of mechanical parts with electronic equipment. Your auto repair shop should be capable of providing a full suite of services that includes transmission repair, brake repair, engine repair and everything in between. Since our technicians are experts in their field, you never need to worry about lack of expertise in any of the services that Sun Auto Service provides.

More Than an Oil Change

Regular oil changes are the key to keeping your engine in top condition.  At Sun Auto Service, we have more than your average oil change service. Our oil change service includes using premium oil, replacing your filter, lubricating the chassis (where applicable), checking fluids and rotating your tires. In addition to our oil change service, we offer a full line of oil change products and services for your vehicle’s complete needs.