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Which Type of Transmission Requires More Maintenance?

There are two types of transmissions a vehicle can have: automatic and manual. Both have their benefits, and neither one is better than the other. They simply offer different ways to drive. However, similar to other components within your vehicle, your transmission needs routine maintenance to continue functioning optimally. Each type needs different maintenance to maintain its reliability.


Most drivers have a vehicle that utilizes an automatic transmission. It tends to be more intuitive, so drivers enjoy the ease of use. When you take your car into a service center for transmission maintenance, there are a few things that will be done to your vehicle to ensure the transmission continues to work ideally.

The transmission fluid pan will be removed, emptied, cleaned thoroughly, and replaced. Next, the transmission filter will be replaced with a new and clean one. Finally, any old transmission fluid still inside the system will be cleaned out. It then will get replaced with fresh, new fluid to ensure your vehicle operates effectively. You can check your transmission fluid level on your own, but you should have it serviced by a professional.


Manual transmissions can take some time to get used to, but the drivers who own a car like this really love the system. Over time, the system can wear down, and you will notice problems when the clutch vibrates or regularly slips. Manual transmissions have fewer moving parts than automatic, so the first course of action is pinpointing the problem. Sometimes the fix is relatively minor, and your car will be in good shape with very little downtime.

When you take your manual vehicle to a service center, it will be thoroughly inspected to locate the wear and tear. Any faulty hardware will either be repaired or replaced. A major component of a manual transmission is the clutch assembly. Parts can become worn, which affects how well it operates.

At the end of the day, automatic transmissions require a little bit more maintenance, however, both repairs require you to take your vehicle to a service center for inspections as well as repairs. Take care of your transmission and your vehicle will thank you by going for miles and miles.