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Which Type of Battery Is Best for My Car?

car battery typeJust as there are different makes and models of vehicles, there are also different kinds of car batteries. Each vehicle manufacturer may make a recommendation on which type of battery would be best for your car, but you may have other features to consider before you make a decision. The technicians at Sun Auto Service can explain how batteries provide different benefits for your kind of vehicle. The following information may also help you understand what to look for when you need to replace your battery.

The Basics

If you have ever had to get a car battery, you know that it seems like an unlimited selection of sizes and styles are available. You should not expect a car to have the same-sized battery as an SUV or truck. Some of the other key factors to keep in mind are:

  • The make and model of your vehicle
  • The size of your current battery
  • Your engine type
  • The demands of your climate
  • Your budget

Take a moment to also review your owner’s manual to see what the manufacturer recommends. The manual is a great starting place to decide the basic needs of a battery for your car.

The Specifics

In addition to different sizes, batteries can also have different features based on technology, driving styles, and even climate. Some of the choices you may have include:

  • Standard flooded, the most affordable and traditional style of battery on the market
  • Calcium, a sealed battery that is also inexpensive, but should not be overcharged
  • Absorbent glass mat (AGM), known for its longevity, easy maintenance, and ability to handle higher power demands
  • Lithium ion, designed for high-performance vehicles with a price tag to match
  • Deep cycle, typically used for other types of vehicles such as golf carts, boats, or other short-use electric vehicles.

In addition to different types, you may also have other issues to consider. For example, a cold cranking amp (CCA) battery is rated for cooler weather conditions to provide a higher starting power. This feature can be a factor depending on where you live. You may also want to consider the electrical needs your car has. Some of the newer models rely heavily on your battery to operate high-tech options.

These different kinds of batteries demonstrate how technology has changed. As advancements are made, you can expect to see newer features that may come with a higher price tag. A technician at Sun Auto Service can help you navigate through your choices to find the best battery for your car. Don’t wait until your battery dies; instead, stop by the nearest location to see our selection and take care of your battery to keep you safely on the road.