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What You Need to Know Before Driving in Snow

Las Vegas does not typically get any snow. However, you might be driving somewhere on a fun road trip where you will encounter some snowfall. Perhaps you will be spending the weekend in one of Nevada’s northern cities for a little relaxation. While a trip might be just what you need to relieve some stress, there are some things you need to know about driving with snow on the road.

Perform Maintenance

Drivers who know they will be driving in snowy cities would benefit from performing some routine maintenance on their vehicles before going on the trip. You’ll need to ensure the antifreeze is at the appropriate level. You also want to make sure your battery is working optimally, so it will not freeze over when you are at your vacation spot. While there is some maintenance you can do on your own, take your car to a professional service center for a more comprehensive inspection.

Drive Slowly

Even if you are driving on a road with a speed limit of 40 mph, you would do well to reduce your speed even if traffic is minimal. Snow can affect your tire’s traction with the pavement. There may even be black ice on the road that is virtually impossible to see from afar. Play it safe and drive slowly when in snowy conditions.

Turn Headlights On

Even if you can see the sun, you want your headlights turned on when driving in the snow, so that you’ll be visible to other cars on the road. Keep them on until you reach your destination.

Do Not Tailgate

Give plenty of distance between your vehicle and other cars. With snow on the ground, it is going to require a longer distance for you to reach a complete stop. If you need to hit the brakes, then you want to be certain you will not run into the car directly in front of you.

Follow Additional Tips

A few extra actions can really make a difference on the road. Some other safety tips include:

  • Never using cruise control in the snow
  • Ensuring the gas tank is at least half full
  • Making sure tires are properly inflated
  • Avoiding driving while fatigued
  • Always wear a seatbelt
  • Keep informed of weather conditions prior to arriving at your destination

Many drivers are inexperienced with driving in the snow, so they make easy-to-avoid mistakes. Follow these tips so that you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind.