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What Should I Do If I See Puddles of Liquid Under My Car?

Leaks can be particularly concerning if they’re coming from underneath your car. Sun Auto Service is here to not only help you take care of any puddles of liquid you notice under your car, but also aid you in identifying them. We’re all about empowering our customers and providing them with relevant auto knowledge for a clearer understanding of their own vehicles. Learn how to identify the differences in those strange puddles under your car, what the cause may be, and how to resolve any potential issues.

Three Things to Consider

There are three things to bear in mind when it comes to odd liquids underneath your car.

  • Color
  • Consistency
  • Location

To determine the actual color of the dripping liquid, which can darken the longer it sits and soaks into the ground, you’ll want to put down either aluminum or newspaper underneath your car overnight in order for you to be able to “read” the spill. Be sure to note the color and consistency if possible in order to share your findings with one of our technicians, if need be.

Engine Oil

Oil, a common liquid that can leak from automobiles, is either brown or black in color and has a thick consistency. If your car is an older model, it’s likely that the gaskets have started to dry out, which is why you have oil dribbling on your driveway or on the floor of your garage. Oil puddles can range from minor to major, but both types should be checked out by a professional mechanic.


Puddles spotted near the rear of your car are likely to be gasoline, but be sure to take a quick sniff to know for sure. If you aren’t at the pump and haven’t overflowed the tank, then you likely have a gas leak. Because gas is both toxic and flammable, you’ll want to have the problem taken care of quickly.

Power Steering Fluid

The color of power steering fluid ranges from red to light brown and commonly drips from the front of your car. To make steering nice and easy, keep your power steering fluid level high and have the leak repaired.

Auto Transmission Fluid

This particular fluid tends to puddle up underneath the middle of your car and has the same red to light brown color as power steering fluid. The best way to tell the two apart is to find out for sure where the drip is coming from.

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