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What Not to Do When Driving in Rain

When you are driving in the rain, your safety mainly lies with your driving skills. You can have the best tires and perfect brakes, but if you are not driving properly, these things won’t matter. Wet roads can be quite dangerous, too. Not only is pooling water an issue, but also when the water beats down on the road, it can displace oil that naturally gets left behind on the road and make the road like an oil slick. With these things in mind, it helps to learn a little about what you shouldn’t do when you are driving and the rain starts pouring down.

Driving Too Fast

One of the biggest rules for driving in the rain is to slow down. Anytime there are adverse weather conditions, lowering your speed is a good idea because it gives you more reaction time and enables you to compensate for the slippery road conditions.

Following Too Closely

Along the same lines as slowing down, you should also increase the distance between your vehicle and other vehicles. This gives you more stopping time should another vehicle unexpectedly brake. On rain-slick roads, slamming on your breaks can lead to hydroplaning, where your vehicle slides across the roadway without you being able to control it.

Not Turning on Your Headlights

When visibility is reduced in heavy rain, it is essential to make your vehicle as visible as possible. Turning on your headlights is mandatory is some states when you are using your windshield wipers, but even if it isn’t the law where you are driving, you should still do it. Using your headlights makes your vehicle more visible to other drivers. Being more visible will enable other vehicles to see you easily and not pull out in front of you or cut you off.

Not Focusing on Driving

Distracted driving is never a good idea, but it is especially dangerous when it is raining. You need all your focus on the road. You should avoid doing anything other than driving with both hands on the wheel, including messing with the radio. Keep your eyes and mind focused on the road so you can spot potential issues and react in time to prevent a problem.

Being safe while driving in the rain is all about being responsible. You should put all your safe driving skills to use. Make sure to slow down, make more space, turn on your lights, and focus. Doing these things can help you to make it through the storm and stay safe.