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What Are the Different Services That My Car Needs in the Summer vs. Winter?

summer to winter drivingYour car requires a little different maintenance depending on the season. Typically, you can break service needs down to two times a year: summer and winter. You would prepare for summer in the spring and prepare for winter in the fall. The tasks you do will help ensure that your car is ready for the weather it is likely to see in the coming season.

Summer Services

When getting your vehicle serviced in preparation for summer, you will want to focus on the systems that will be in high demand due to the heat and dust. You will want to make sure your AC is working properly. Have a technician look over your cooling system, too. Things heat up in the summer, and your cooling system needs to be in excellent shape to hold up.

This is also a good time to get an oil change because you will be having other services done. You can also change out air filters. They will be getting a major workout with all the dust and other debris floating in the air. To prepare for summer storms, new windshield wipers should be installed. You should also have routine checks of the brakes and battery.

Winter Services

You can do many of the things you did in preparation for summer as you prepare for winter, such as change the oil and windshield wipers and do checks of the battery and filters. Keep in mind that a weak battery fails easier in colder temperatures, so make sure it is strong. The filters may be ready to be changed after going through the summer months. Your heater should also be given a good once-over to make sure it is working properly. If you use snow tires, they should be put on, or you may just want to use this time to rotate your tires. Finally, do an inspection of the exhaust system. You want to get any leaks fixed before the cold weather hits.

Preparing your car for the harsh weather seen in summer and winter is just plain smart. In addition, if you make sure to service your car two times a year, it makes it much easier to keep up with regular maintenance tasks, such as oil changes. Each season requires some different attention due to the differences in temperatures and weather conditions, so it is smart to make sure you know what maintenance services to do at which time of year.