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Warning Signs of a Transmission Leak

Without a working transmission, your car isn’t moving. You might get a bit of a sputter and grind out of it, but all you’re doing is further damaging the transmission. This is especially true if you have a transmission leak. Unexpected transmission failure in the middle of the road can cause a major safety hazard and leave you stranded. Let’s take a look at how your transmission works and how to spot a leak.

What Does Your Transmission Do?

Whether you have a manual or automatic transmission, your car’s transmission transfers power from your engine to your wheels to ensure they have enough power to move at the speed you want. When you shift gears, it changes the amount of power transferred to the wheels and thus changes the speed your car is capable of reaching.

If you don’t shift gears or if you’re struggling with the clutch in a manual transmission car, you may feel your car hitching and pulling as you try to accelerate. You may even feel that as you shift gears. This could be an indication a problem with your transmission.

How Can You Spot a Transmission Leak?

transmission leak in your carOne of the cleaerest signs of a transmission leak is that glaring puddle of transmission fluid underneath your car. You can tell transmission fluid from other potential leaks by its color and consistency; it tends to be red and slippery with an oily smell.  Transmission fluid that is browner in color or smells burnt is a clear indication your transmission needs servicing.

You should also monitor how smoothly your transmission starts. A slow start may mean low transmission fluid caused by a potential leak.

What Does a Transmission Repair Involve?

The procedures in transmission repair depend on how deeply damaged your transmission is and how long you continued to drive the car once the transmission problems started. Your transmission can be repaired with new parts to replace only the damaged components, such as a defective solenoid pack or torque converter. For a transmission leak, sometimes a simple reseal procedure is all that’s needed to repair the problem, as long as there has not been damage to any other components.

Transmissions can also be rebuilt. A rebuild means your mechanic removes the entire transmission to disassemble and inspect every part. Parts worn beyond repair are replaced while others are specially cleaned. The rebuilt transmission is then replaced in the car like new. The final option for a severely damaged transmission is a complete replacement of all parts from the ground up.

Your Service, Your Way

At Sun Auto Service, we’re a family-owned-and-operated business that takes pride in providing customized service where you, too, feel like part of the family. That includes respecting your right to make decisions about your car before we perform any service.

We’ll check with you on any service orders and gain your consent before proceeding, as well as provide regular updates so you’re always in the know on your vehicle’s status. We believe excellent customer service is all about communication, and we endeavor to make you a part of the entire process.

Free External Checks and Free Tows

We’re committed to helping you keep your car’s transmission healthy. That’s why we offer comprehensive free external checks. We do a road test; check your fluid levels; conduct an engine operation test; and check transmission, engine mounts, CV joints, axles, boots, and multiple other factors that could be impacting your car. We also check all linkages and perform detailed inspections on cooling systems, undercarriages, drive shafts, transmission pans, and differential operations.

We leave no stone unturned in our effort to give you an accurate estimate of your vehicle’s condition. If your car just won’t start, we also offer a free tow to our nearest location. We won’t leave you stranded with a non-working vehicle. Let us help you diagnose and repair your transmission issues to keep your car running smoothly.