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Visiting Nelson Ghost Town is a Great Las Vegas Day Trip

Visitors to the Las Vegas area have many exciting diversions from which to choose. In addition to all the attractions of the famous casinos, clubs, entertainment venues and world-class dining establishments, there is also a large number of exceptional tourist destinations located not far away. These destinations give visitors a taste of the real old west, a world filled with miners, cowboys and other rugged settlers. Villages and small towns sprung up when mineral wealth was discovered then vanished as the mines gradually closed. Ghost towns, like Nelson, offer a snapshot of Western US history that goes back to 1775.

A Piece of Nevada History

Over two hundred years ago, Nelson was named El Dorado by the Spanish miners who first settled in the area. Generations of other people migrated to Nelson looking for the mineral riches that have made Nevada world famous. Other settlers included people fleeing the conflict of the Civil War in the eastern American states. The most prosperous mines operated for nearly 100 years, closing in 1945. Today, visitors can see relics from all periods of Nelson’s history, including:

  • Historic buildings
  • Old homes
  • Mining equipment and vehicles
  • Mine shafts and workhouses
  • Signs, shops, vehicles, and other commercial items

National monuments are also present in Nelson – it’s a lovely area for desert landscape photography. Relax on the banks of the nearby Colorado River and enjoy the beautiful view.

Visiting Nelson Ghost Town

Nelson Ghost Town is the perfect day trip destination for Las Vegas area visitors who want to get away from the city and explore a fascinating piece of regional history. Locals can also learn more about the colorful history of their state by visiting Nelson and other ghost towns.

Nelson is located south of Boulder City. You can reach Nelson by traveling south on state Highway 95 out of Boulder City. Take the exit for Road 165; you will be heading southeast towards the Arizona border. Signs pointing out the public land portion of the El Dorado Canyon will be visible. Take your time on the downward grade that slopes as you continue south. Before long, you will arrive in Nelson.

Is Your Vehicle Ready to Go?

Before you take a road trip to Nelson or any other desert destination, be sure to visit Sun Auto Service to make sure your car is ready for desert driving. Sun Auto Service can also check the air pressure in your spare tire; this way you will be prepared in the unfortunate case you get a flat tire while on the road. In minutes, you will be ready to visit any of the several great day trip destinations.