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Top 5 Games To Play in the Car on Your Summer Road Trip

games to play in the carWhether it is you and a few close friends or you and the entire family, there is nothing quite like going on a fun, exciting road trip. This is a great time to bond and see a side of the country you have not witnessed before. However, for particularly long trips, the conversation can run dry over time. It can help immensely to have a few games in your back pocket in case you need to liven things up. Games are especially helpful if you will be travelling with young children who are more prone to getting bored easily. Here are some fun games to have readily available for your next trip.

  1. License Plate Bingo
    For this game, all you need is paper, pens and a sharp eye. Distribute the paper and have each player write down all 26 letters of the alphabet. All the participants then need to keep their eyes on the road to find license plates containing the letters. When a player finds a letter, he or she crosses it off the sheet. If you want to crank the difficulty up a notch, make it so that you can only cross off letters in alphabetical order. Either way, the first person to find all 26 letters wins.
  2. I Spy
    This is a classic game, and the best part is that you do not need to acquire any supplies beforehand. All you need is your imagination and at least two people to play. One person starts the game by saying, “I spy with my little eye” and then giving a description of what he or she sees. It could describe the color of an object or its size. The other players look around to try and spot it, and the person who gets it right gets to be the next one to “I spy.”
  3. 20 Questions
    This is another classic road trip game. One person is selected to be the answerer while the other players are questioners. The answerer picks something at random. It could be a famous person or an everyday object. Once the subject is given, the questioners get to ask only 20 questions, and the answerer responds with either a “Yes” or “No.” If a questioner figures out what the thing is, then he or she gets to be the answerer for the next round. If the subject stumps everyone, then the answerer goes for another round.
  4. The Counting Game
    You do not have to be a wizard at math to enjoy the Counting Game. The goal of the game is to count up to 20. It sounds simple enough, but the trick here is that only one person at a time can count. Therefore, one person would begin by saying “One.” Someone else would then say “Two.” If more than one person speaks at a time, then you have to start from one all over again. Additionally, if there is longer than a five-second pause between numbers, then you have to start again. This is one game that could take a while to finish.
  5. Jukebox Trivia / The Singing Game
    Each person begins a song, singing for a few seconds. Someone else then takes over from where the last person left off with a different song that goes along with where the previous song ended. With this game, you could end up with some pretty amusing lyrics.

Never be bored during a road trip ever again by having these fun games to play. These games are great for people of all ages, so no matter who you are traveling with, you will have a way to pass the time.