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Teen Driving Tips: Selecting a Good Used Car for them to Drive

Teenagers love the freedom that comes from earning their driver’s license. While some families may be content to let new drivers borrow the family car, many others decide to spring for a car for their new driver. Still other teen drivers save up money to purchase a car of their own. Special consideration should be given to choosing a car for your teen because he or she is most likely still learning the rules of the road and needs to stay safe. Sun Auto Service put together some tips to help you choose the right used vehicle for your teen driver.

Considering the Cost

Many families with new drivers consider getting their teen a new vehicle because maintenance and repair costs are generally easier to estimate. However, since many teens trade in their first vehicle relatively quickly or sell it before leaving for college, used vehicles often turn out to be more cost effective in the long run. Choose a reliable used model with a good safety record to get the most out of your car purchase.

Choosing a Safe Vehicle

For many parents, safety is the primary concern when purchasing a vehicle because young drivers are more at risk for involvement in an accident while learning the rules of the road. Many organizations maintain lists of vehicles with good safety track records which you may wish to consult when choosing a specific make or model. In addition, there are a few general safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Avoid high horsepower – Powerful engines can tempt young drivers to push their car to the limits, driving them too quickly or recklessly.
  • Look for a larger car – Larger, heavier cars protect drivers and passengers better in the event of an accident. Large vehicles are also less tempting to drive fast, and so drivers crash them less often in the first place. Mid-sized cars, station wagons and small SUVs are all good choices as well.
  • Look for ESC – Electronic stability control (ESC) is a feature available on most newer models of cars. This feature helps the car remain stable on curves and when driving on snow or ice.

Other Things to Consider

Here are some other factors to think about when buying a used car:

  • History of the vehicle
  • Vehicle reviews
  • Available features
  • Driver engagement
  • Use of the vehicle

If you need to service a used vehicle or repair damage to your teen driver’s car, our technicians can provide fast, reliable service. Contact one of our locations in your area today.