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Sun Auto Service Offers Car Repair Financing

Sun Auto Service - Auto Repair Shop Offering Car Repair FinancingAt Sun Auto Service we recognize the stress that is brought on by having issues with your car as well as the financial burden that comes with them. Auto repairs can’t often be planned for and the costs can easily reach into the thousands. Our goal at Sun Auto Service is to help relieve some of the stress that is often caused by auto repairs and their costs.

Sun Auto Service offers auto repair finance programs that will fit your budget and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. You need your car to get to work and to other commitments you have. Don’t let the cost of repairs hold you back from living your life.

Auto Repair Financing Options

We understand that you work hard and that you have many other financial obligations. Choosing the right financing option that works for you and your budget is important. When you’re looking to finance your auto expenses, Sun Auto Service can help guide you through the steps to creating the right payment plan for your vehicle’s care costs. At Sun Auto Service we offer:

  • Synchrony Car Care Credit Card – Approval is based on each individual’s credit score and annual income. Credit is extended to applicants with a minimum credit line of $400 and a maximum of $3500. Synchrony provides more purchasing power by giving you more time to pay off your balance. On all purchases less than $200 they provide 0% interest for 90 days; 6 months 0% interest for purchases between $200-$750; and 0% interest for one year on purchases over $750, to qualified applicants.
  • Sunbit – A flexible short-term loan available at Sun Auto Service locations in Texas that gives you the option to split repair costs on terms of your choosing. Select a 3, 6, or 12 month fixed-rate term. Approvals are based on a “soft credit check” where applying does not affect your credit score (credit score only affected upon transaction). To apply, just provide a state-issued driver’s license, email address, and a bank-issued debit card.

Example Payments for Repair Bill

If you’re looking for auto repair shops that finance you should understand what options are available to you. With the options offered by Sun Auto Service, if you needed to finance $400 in repairs, here’s how you could expect your payment schedule to work:

  • Synchrony – Charge all $400 and take advantage of 0% interest for 6 months by paying just $67 per month!
  • Sunbit – On a $400 approval with your choice of a 3-month term at 10% interest, pay just $147 per month for three months.

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Repair Financing

Q: What locations can I use the Synchrony Car Care Card

A: This no-annual fee credit card is accepted at all Sun Auto Service locations in Nevada and Texas, Discount Tire centers, and many gas stations.

Q: What services qualify for financing?

A: Any and all services qualify for financing. Whether you choose to use financing for an oil change or extensive repairs that cost a bit more, financing can be used for all sorts of services.

Q: What is the maximum amount of financing?

A: The amount of credit that is given to applicants is based on each individual’s credit score and the issuer’s terms and conditions. Depending on your circumstances, some creditors may extend credit up to $3500. Apply for the best option that fits your budget and financial needs.

Q: Do I need to have a good credit score?

A: Everyone has varying financial circumstances, and no one understands that more than Sun Auto Service. Synchrony’s Car Care card is ideal for those with good to excellent credit scores and Sunbit offers credit to those with less than perfect credit scores. In any situation, let Sun Auto Service help you. We recognize that financial difficulties happen and we’re sensitive to those issues. When all options have been exhausted, we can review your repairs and prioritize what your vehicle needs to keep going so that you can continue getting to where you need to go. Ask your Service Advisor how we can help!