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Sun Auto Service Las Vegas Customer Reviews

With so many choices in the Las Vegas area, choosing the right auto repair shop can be difficult. Ideally, one would simply shop according to each company’s stated prices and service offerings, but the true measure of quality goes far beyond the work being performed. In the world of automotive maintenance, the value of the service depends largely on just how well that work is executed, and that’s why we’re pleased to make our customer reviews available online for all to see.

What Makes Us Different

Sun Auto Service takes pride in putting the satisfaction and convenience of our customers first. Your vehicle isn’t just important to you—it’s a necessity, so we take care to complete maintenance and repair jobs quickly. That doesn’t mean you won’t retain complete control over the process, however, because we never begin any work until you first provide us with the “OK.” To put your mind even further at ease, everything that we do at Sun Auto Service is fully guaranteed, and you’ll get it in writing.

Our priorities are simple: do what needs to be done to get your car or truck back in great condition, and do it with efficiency. These are just a few of the reasons so many of our customers take to the Internet to rave about their experiences with us, but, of course, you don’t need to take our word for it.

Read All About It!

Getting access to our customer reviews is easy! Follow these simple steps to see real feedback from real drivers:

  • Visit our list of Sun Auto Service locations in Nevada
  • Click on the “More Details” button for the shop closest to you
  • Scroll down and look for the gold star icon to “Read Our Reviews”

At Sun Auto Service, we know you have options—and we also know what it takes to deliver a truly exceptional auto repair experience. We offer five convenient shops throughout the Las Vegas area, so you’re never far from quality service for your automobile. Come by, call, or schedule an appointment online today for everything from oil changes to complete transmission service.

To schedule repairs online, simply follow the steps above to access the Sun Auto Service shop page for your area and click on “Request Appointment.” Our goal is providing the same high-quality service you expect from the dealershi, but without the hefty price tag. Come find out what makes Sun Auto Service a different kind of auto repair and maintenance shop today.