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Prepare Your Car for Winter in Austin, TX

If you’ve lived in Austin for awhile, you know to expect two things each year: hot summers and cold winters. Preparing your car or truck for the cold season is as important as any step in your routine maintenance plan, as lower temperatures can impact everything from your vehicle’s vital fluids to its battery. Review this checklist to make sure you’re all set for the winter months.

The Basics

Anytime extreme temperatures are on the horizon, it’s a good idea to have your automobile inspected. . The highest highs and lowest lows on the thermometer can pose unique challenges for major components and accessories, which means it’s ideal to know everything is in top shape before the season hits. Here are a few basic tips to keep in mind to prepare for the winter season:

  • Keep an eye on your tires. It’s always a good idea to monitor your tire pressure and tread depth, but it’s even more important when temperatures dip and roads become slick with rain and snow.
  • Double-check your battery and charging system. Like extremely hot weather, the coldest months are extra tough on batteries.
  • Inspect your brakes. As with your tires, brakes are crucial to safety while traveling; a professional inspection can be a good way to put your mind at ease before road conditions get problematic. .

When you need professional assistance, we’re always here for you. Sun Auto Service offers complete maintenance and repairs—we’re ready to provide you with surefire confidence for all your winter travels.

Winter-Specific Recommendations

There are a few other suggested steps one should take before the fall season is complete. Note these season-specific tips for easy driving all winter long:

  • Ensure that your heating system is functioning at full-strength, both for your own comfort and so you’ll have reliable access to a working windshield defroster.
  • Consider flushing and adding antifreeze to your cooling system, particularly if it wasn’t performed the previous year.
  • Perform any outstanding maintenance before temperatures are at their worst; cold weather can magnify small problems such as rough idle and engine pings.

A Repair Shop for All Seasons

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