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New Location, Seasoned Professional

At Sun Auto Service, we seek out the very best Technicians and Service Advisors in the business, making choosing quality auto care and maintenance easy. Our many locations throughout the Las Vegas area are ready to provide that service, including our newest location on Buffalo Drive. Our Store Manager, Shawn Thompson, shares about his experience in the industry and what sparked his interest in the automotive field.

Q: What first got you interested in working on automobiles?

A: I started out working on cars and hotrods with my dad. Then it just progressed from there.

Q: Do you have a favorite kind of car to work on?

A: I’m an American car guy, but as far as repairs go, I’m really not partial to any specific vehicles. I enjoy the challenges that all vehicles bring our way.

Q: What’s the type of repair you most enjoy performing?

A: A repair that gets the customer back on the road in a timely manner and gives them a sense of security that the vehicle is in good working order.

Q: Can you tell us what makes Sun Auto Service technicians proficient in what they do?

A: Sun Auto technicians are very well trained with ASE certifications, and they have the drive and passion to get customers’ vehicles fixed correctly in a timely manner.

Q: What kind of training do Sun Auto Service technicians undergo?

A: ASE certification, first off. But throughout their careers, technicians go through specific training to keep them up-to-date as the vehicle is a constantly-changing machine.

Q: In your experience, what’s the question customers ask the most?

A: I guess it would be about the need for the repair. At that point, we give good information that makes sense to them and helps them see the value of the needed repair.

Q: Is there one tip you’d like to share with drivers who wish to get the best performance out of their vehicles?

A: Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. That is the key to keeping a vehicle on the road for years with the least number of repairs.

Q: Finally, what’s your personal favorite aspect of working for Sun Auto Service?

A: My favorite parts of my job are interacting with customers throughout the process and working for a company that feels like family and always puts the customer’s interest first.

When your vehicle needs automotive repair or maintenance service, Shawn’s dedicated team is at your service! We’re located on the southeast corner of Buffalo and Warm Springs next to the Chevron station. We’re happy to answer all your questions about your car, from funny sounds, odd smells and everything in between. Give us a call to get the answer to any of your questions or to schedule service at 702.222.4253 or stop by any time. Ready to make an appointment? Scheduling is easy with our online scheduling system!