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New Car, New You, New Year

2019 car maintenance Happy New Year! Every year we resolve to do something better in our lives. Did you resolve to start going to the gym, quit a bad habit, or spend more time with friends or family? Did you ever consider making a resolution for your car? When the busy tasks of life take over, sometimes caring for your car falls by the wayside. The great thing about a New Year, though, is you have the chance to start fresh. You can start taking better care of your car right now! The best part about this resolution is the money you will save and the peace of mind it will bring to you as you’re driving. Here are some resolutions that should be on the list for your car in the New Year:

  1. Resolve to Keep It Clean – A good car wash does more than just make your car look pretty, it’s actually good for the exterior paint. When dirt is allowed to take up residence on your vehicle’s exterior, it traps moisture that causes tiny scratches on the clear coat, used to protect the paint. Washing the exterior frequently keeps the paint shiny and new-looking, which may help resale value down the road. Additionally, help ease the stress that comes with clutter on the inside of your car by tossing out the trash. Remove and recycle old water bottles, receipts, wrappers, and discard petrified French fries. For an added touch, replace your floor mats with new or weather resistant rubber mats and your favorite scented air freshener.
  2. Resolve to Change the Oil Every 3,000 – 5,000 Miles – Be sure to change your oil no more than every 7,000 miles. Because most components in the engine are metal, they must be lubricated in order to operate efficiently. Oil helps protect the engine and changing it often prevents the oil from breaking down. Don’t rely on your vehicle to remind you of the “maintenance required.” This notification is simply triggered by mileage and not the actual condition of the oil. In severe climates, like ours in the Southwest, dust, dirt, and dry air can cause oil to break down, which makes your engine work harder. It is recommended that the oil is changed consistently, usually every 3,000 – 5,000 miles.
  3.  Resolve to Stay on Top of Maintenance – In addition to oil, your vehicle requires other fluids to function properly. Coolant aids in keeping the engine from overheating and transmission fluid lubricates internal components and keeps the transmission cool. Your vehicle may require a change of brake fluid and power steering fluid as well. Refer to your owner’s manual for recommendations on when these fluids should be changed or consult with a trusted ASE Certified Technician.
  4. Resolve to Check Your Tires Regularly – If not properly inflated, tires can affect your fuel economy, handling, and even result in blowouts. Ensure tires are not over or under inflated and be sure to inspect the tread depth. In addition to tire condition, make sure your tires are properly aligned. Poor alignment can result in premature tire wear.
  5. Resolve to Replace Windshield Wipers – Because they’re made of rubber, windshield wipers tend to be more sensitive to dry, cold, or hot conditions along with their frequent contact with dirt and debris. A good rule of thumb is to replace them every six months, around major weather changes, such as Spring and Fall to prepare for hot summers and cold winters, respectively.
  6. Resolve to Get Much-Needed Repairs – Now that the holidays have passed, you can focus on things that may have been put on “the back burner.” If your mechanic recommended new brakes, struts, shocks, or other major repairs, focus on getting those repairs completed now. Waiting longer than necessary to complete repairs may actually cost more money in the long run. A neglected simple repair could turn into a major costly repair if put off for too long.
  7. Resolve to Fix Your Broken Windshield – Chips, stars, and divots can sometimes be repaired with a simple fill but when they can’t, or they’ve begun to spread, it’s time to replace your windshield. Why? A crack sprawled across your windshield is not only something that can potentially get you ticketed but can also be dangerous. Cracks obstruct your field of vision when driving and they weaken the windshield, an important part of the vehicle’s infrastructure. When cracks are present, it makes the windshield more vulnerable which may put your safety at risk in the event of a crash.
  8. Resolve to Find A Trustworthy Auto Repair Center – When you need help caring for your car, truck, or SUV or you need guidance on recommended maintenance for your ride, having a business that you can trust to be on your side is key. That’s what you’ll find with Sun Auto Service. Our Technicians are ASE Certified, meaning they’ve gone through rigorous testing to ensure they’re the best in the business. Our Service Consultants are knowledgeable and friendly offering their support from minor maintenance services to major repairs. You’ll be impressed with our service, our A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, our guarantee in writing, limited 2-year/24,000-mile Nationwide warranty, and our promise not to begin work without your approval first. With Sun Auto Service, you get the personalized and friendly treatment of a neighborhood garage with the benefits of a dealership. That’s what makes us the Alternative to the Dealership! Schedule an appointment today for the feeling of a new car, new you–this New Year!