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Nevada Classic License Plates

placing an updated registration sticker on a license plate So, you want to cruise down the Las Vegas strip in your classic 1959 pink Cadillac, but you know this beauty, along with other Nevada classic cars, will need to be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles first. Many classic vehicle owners have questions about how their car should be registered and if emissions are required. There’s also the common question of what the difference is between Nevada Classic car plates and Classic Rod plates. In addition to specialized plates, your classic rod needs extra care to maintain its pristine condition. We’ve done all the research to help simplify the registration process as well as provided some tips on how to keep your baby looking like she just rolled off the lot.

Nevada Classic Car Registration

Classic vehicles differ from Classic Rods in that Classic Vehicles must be manufactured at least 25 years prior to the date you submit your application to the DMV. Additionally, Classic Vehicles must contain the original manufacturer parts or their equivalences. In order to apply for this specific plate, with the words “Classic Vehicle” inscribed on the plate, the first time, you must apply in person at the DMV office and present proof of insurance. The initial cost of the plates is about $37.00 and is not required to have emissions testing if the vehicle is not driven more than 5,000 miles per year. The annual renewal cost for the plate is $11.00. All fees are in addition to the cost of registration.

Nevada Classic Rod Registration

Classic rods are passenger cars as well as light commercial vehicles that were manufactured after 1949 but at least 20 years prior to the date of application submission. Your “Classic Rod” plate, similar to the Classic Vehicle plate excludes vehicle emissions testing as well, with the same guidelines as the Classic Vehicle plate. If the vehicle is driven over 5,000 miles per year, the vehicle must pass an emissions test at renewal time. Your first Classic Rod plate fee is $37.00 with additional plates costing $0.50 each plus pollution control account and registration fees. Annual renewal cost is just $11.00 plus registration fees.

Give Your Timeless Ride TLC

Whether you’re driving a 1940 Ford Deluxe Street Rod, a 1952 Hudson Hornet Classic Rod, or a Classic 1980 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am, you want to preserve the beauty and quality of everything from the interior, what’s under the hood, and even the beloved T-Tops.

Protection from Elements – Use UV blockers, leather conditioners, and vinyl cleaners to help prevent damage from the sun on the interior. To protect the exterior, wash it or have it detailed often. Over time dirt and build-up can damage the exterior’s paint by leaving tiny scratches behind. Waxing the vehicle often will help protect the paint as well as produce an eye-catching shine.

Keep Up with Maintenance

Routine oil changes and other fluid flushes will keep the vehicle running and will help to protect the engine. Keeping up with repairs and maintenance as needed is a great way to ensure your car runs as beautifully as it looks.

Go for a Ride

Go ahead, cruise down the strip or spend the evening at the West Wind Drive-In Theater catching a flick. Driving your vintage car may turn heads but it also keeps the engine in good shape. Driving the vehicle often also helps you identify when something doesn’t look or sound right, warning you of potential trouble.

Limit Outdoor Time

Keeping your vehicle shaded or in a garage while not in use is helpful in keeping the exterior of the vehicle protected. Exposure to rain, sun, or other extreme weather conditions can damage the vehicle. Such conditions encourage rust from wet weather and damage from high winds. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause premature wear and damage to many components within the vehicle as well.

Keep It Classy with Sun Auto Service

At Sun Auto Service, we know that your ride is one of your many prized possessions and we care for them as if they were our very own. You can trust any of our Sun Auto Service locations to provide the knowledge, white glove care, and expertise needed for repairs or maintenance on your classic or brand-new vehicle. Our ASE Certified Technicians are familiar with many makes and models of vehicles, some specializing in vintage models. Sun Auto Service offers quality service, backed by an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, experts using top of the line equipment, and competitive prices. Motor down to Sun Auto Service for all your auto repairs and maintenance services today!