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My Check Engine Light Went Off – What Happens Next?

While it’s common for your vehicle’s “check engine” light to illuminate when you first crank the engine, it normally turns off after a few seconds. Should the light turn on during any other time, it could mean anything as minor as a loose gas cap to something as major as a severe engine issue. Sun Auto Service wants to ease your concerns and help you understand which steps to take when the amber glow of your “check engine” light appears.

A Professional Inspection Is in Order

If you’re unable to determine why your “check engine” light has turned on, we recommend that you allow one of our ASE-certified technicians to take a look. We have the most up-to-date knowledge concerning the computer hardware used in new vehicles, and what’s more, we have the proper tools and experience to quickly and accurately diagnose the issue.

Free Scan

Our qualified technicians will scan your on-board computer at no cost to you. We want to save our customers money just as much as we want to save them the frustration of not knowing what’s wrong with their vehicle. For a more thorough inspection, additional fees may apply. You can trust our technicians to go to every necessary length to isolate the true cause of the problem in order to provide you with an effective plan of repair.

We Can Educate You

After using the most cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to determine why your vehicle’s “check engine” light turned on, we’ll make sure we explain the exact issue in terms you can easily understand. Sun Auto Service wants customers to leave the service center with a better idea of how their vehicle operates and what can be done to provide it with the best care. Properly educating you is all part of our commitment to serving you better.

The Sun Auto Service Way

What sets Sun Auto Service apart from other mechanics and auto shops in Nevada and Texas, is that our focus is solely on the customer and the vehicle. Our service centers are conveniently located, our technicians remain current on the latest auto repair techniques, we offer competitive pricing, and we only perform the work that you authorize.

Whether it’s your “check engine” light or an odd sound or smell, Sun Auto Service is here to help. Call one of our Texas or Nevada service centers today to schedule your free inspection.