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Most Common Auto Repairs in Las Vegas

The desert is tough on automobiles. Between the heat, the dust, and city traffic, Las Vegas can do a number on vital systems including brakes, air conditioning, and even your engine. Staying current on your maintenance program is even more important when you drive in demanding conditions. In fact, it’s the best strategy to keep your car or truck going strong while reducing the likelihood of costly repairs down the road.

Turn Up the Cool

For those who live elsewhere, Las Vegas often calls to mind glitz, glamour, and excitement. For those who live here, the name is likely synonymous with one thing above all else: hot, dry weather. In other words, you’d better be able to rely on your air conditioning in the warmer seasons.

Our A/C experts are trained to provide the services your vehicle needs for continued performance including inspections, adjustments, and system recharging. By evaluating your vehicle’s components and testing for problems preemptively, we help you keep the temperature – and the probability of major repair needs – comfortably low.

Stop Problems Before They Start

One system that truly works hard in Las Vegas is your brake system. Swirling dust and soaring temperatures can take a toll on your car or truck’s brake system, while stop-and-go traffic in the city works components even harder than usual. Keep your brakes working optimally by maintaining this important system.

We offer comprehensive brake services, backed by our lifetime warranty. Standard and premium packages each include inspections, rotor or rear drum resurfacing, and repacking of front wheel bearings. We’ll even perform a road test before putting you back in the driver’s seat so you can feel comfortable getting back on the road.

Check Your Engine

The harsh nature of the desert can accelerate the rate at which fluids and components break down in your vehicle. Most manufacturers suggest more frequent servicing and replacements when traveling primarily in severe conditions, several of which occur regularly in Las Vegas. Sun Auto Service is here to help you take the right steps to protect your engine with services including:

  • Oil change and filter replacement
  • Complete fuel injection flush and engine decarb
  • Scan the on-board computer for fault codes
  • Spark plug replacement

We’re experts when it comes to all types of engines. If you have a four-wheel drive SUV, a high-performance sports car, or a high-mileage sedan, we know how to keep your car or truck going strong.