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Make Sure Your AC is Working Correctly

a/c working correctly In the midst of the sweltering heat of the summer, there’s nothing you rely on more than your car’s air conditioning to keep you comfortable on the road. While outside temperatures may reach as high as 110 degrees, the ambient temperature inside your vehicle may surge to temps around 170 degrees or more when exposed to direct sunlight. Having your air conditioner functioning to its maximum potential is a must to keep you cool.

Utilizing your air conditioner day after day and year after year will eventually cause some wear and tear. Deposits may begin to build up in the compressor causing deterioration or ceasing to function all together. Fortunately, there are symptoms you can watch for to prevent a complete breakdown of the AC system, how they may be addressed, and even ways to gain more life out of the compressor. Common symptoms of a problematic air conditioner often include weak air flow, blowing hot air, noisy output, and fluctuations between hot and cold air.

Weak Airflow is often caused by:

    • Dirty cabin filter
    • Dysfunctional blower motor or motor resistor
    • Leaves and/or other debris clogging the air box
    • Contaminants in the blower motor

Not Blowing Cold

Refrigerant and oil flow through the system and is pushed through a series of seals, hoses, and other mechanisms within the air conditioner. If a vulnerability such as a leak is present, it allows refrigerant to escape and air to seep into the system, bringing moisture along with it. When moisture mixes with refrigerant it may cause corrosion of AC components effectively clogging the system.

Inconsistent Temperature

A weak compressor clutch or a malfunctioning expansion valve can cause your air to change from cool to hot quickly. Low refrigerant may also be the cause of a change between cold to hot air as it is unable to maintain proper pressures. This is alarming, as it could overwork the compressor by forcing it to cycle on and off more than normal.

Determining the Cause

Many parts and components make up the air conditioning system. AC troubles could be related to something as simple as a blown fuse. However, the best way to isolate and diagnose any trouble is by a thorough inspection. Vital components including the compressor, orifice tube, or receiver drier may need to be replaced. No matter how simplistic or how difficult any air conditioning repair is, an evacuation and recharge should be performed upon completion. A system that was full of debris from a failing compressor must be flushed out before the final step of evacuating all refrigerant. Then, it is “recharged” or replaced back into the system.

What You Can Do

  • Run Your AC Frequently.

The air conditioning system is a self-lubricating configuration. Freon or refrigerant, carries oil that lubricates internal components. If Freon is absent, the components do not get lubricated which could lead to a failure of the system. Run your AC at least once per month, even in the winter months, to keep parts freshly lubricated.

  • Have Your System Inspected.

Avoid the uncomfortable feeling of being without air conditioning in the heat of the summer by taking the necessary steps in maintaining your air conditioning system. If you suspect there is a leak in your system, do not attempt to address the repair yourself. Take your vehicle to a qualified technician certified in air conditioning repair to ensure your system is cared for properly.

Service You Can Trust

Sun Auto Service employs only the best technicians for car care in the Southwest.  Our technicians are certified in a multitude of services including transmissions, brakes, electrical systems, and air conditioning. Summer is almost here and temperatures are already on the rise. Be sure to have your air conditioning inspected before the heat arrives. Our AC Performance Inspection includes a complete inspection of system belts and hoses, electronic test for leaks or contamination, inspection of system components, and duct temperature efficiency measurement. No appointment is necessary! Best of all? This FREE inspection can be completed in thirty minutes or less, saving you time and money! Be comfortable and cool this summer. Print our coupon for the Sun Auto Service Free Air Conditioning Performance Inspection and stop by one of our friendly service centers today.