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Is a Luxury Vehicle Oil Change Different than a Standard Car?

Oil Change for Luxury CarsYour luxury car deserves white glove, first class treatment. After all, you’re driving one the finest engineered machines known to man. To maintain the quality and value of your elegant ride, it needs to be serviced and maintained with the greatest quality possible. 

Quality service for the upper echelon of cars can only be found at the dealership, right? Luxury vehicle oil changes are more complicated than your standard vehicle oil change and take twice as long to perform, right? 

No and no. 

Actually, there’s not much difference between a luxury vehicle’s oil change and a standard vehicle other than the type of oil the vehicle requires.

Luxury cars needn’t be taken to the dealership for maintenance exclusively. Vehicles that are still within the time and mileage range for coverage under the factory warranty should be repaired at the dealer, but it is not necessary for standard maintenance services. This means luxury vehicle owners have the freedom to choose whomever they prefer for vehicle maintenance such as oil changes, brakes, and fluid flushes. Contrary to popular belief, taking your vehicle to a service center other than the dealership will not void your warranty. 

The Difference Between a Luxury Oil Change vs. a Standard Oil Change

Any vehicle you drive from the small economy car to a classy and powerful luxury car require fluids to function at an optimum level. Though it is true that a smaller economy vehicle will cost considerably less to maintain, especially where oil changes are concerned. A luxury car oil change can be quite a bit more costly in comparison to the smaller car because of the time involved and their demand for specialty oils. 

Most vehicles today utilize a synthetic blend or full synthetic oil. A luxury vehicle, especially one that is of European design, requires a special European oil. This is because the European Union has strict emissions standards that surpass the guidelines mandated by the United State’s EPA.

In the early 1990’s, European vehicles were engineered with diesel-powered engines in an effort to reduce carbon dioxide contributing to pollution. As time has passed, European vehicle engineers have developed more environmentally conscious applications in vehicles to further their objective in reducing vehicle emissions. These efforts include specialty filters to trap harmful particulates and catalytic converters.

As a result of these additions, specialty oil was developed to protect European vehicle emissions systems by incorporating specialty additives and ensuring the oil is free from sulfated ash, phosphorus, zinc, and sulfur in comparison to standard engine oils. 

Where to Change the Oil on a Luxury Car

Why spend more by taking your vehicle to the dealership for an oil change when you have the option to take it to an independent service center? A full-service automotive center, such as Sun Auto Service, has the experienced technicians, equipment, and the know-how to perform all maintenance services and provide you with a detailed report on your vehicle’s condition and what can be done to maintain a superior performance. Benjamin Franklin once said, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” What Ben meant was that when you have an opportunity to save money, take it. 

New car dealerships often sell their vehicles below MSRP for the prospect of generating revenue through the repair side of the business through the sale of tires, maintenance services including oil changes, and repairs. When you choose a full-service automotive repair center, you’re getting a far better value. 

Automotive centers provide the same superior quality, a faster turnaround time, and a price that is a greater savings over the dealer.

Because of their skill, technicians at automotive service centers are able to work on a multitude of vehicles instead of just one make at the dealership. Certain vehicles require specialty oils; however, they are obtainable by just about anyone. Access to specialty fluids and parts is not exclusive to just dealerships. Lastly, dealerships would have you believe that their technicians understand and know their brand and other technicians are unfamiliar with service guidelines of your vehicle.

Contrarily, all automotive repair centers have access to a standardized program that details the maintenance and service schedule for every make and model of vehicle. 

Sun Auto Service is Your Alternative to the Dealership

Sun Auto Service utilizes superior quality oils, employ the best ASE-Certified Technicians with knowledge and experience to perform maintenance and repairs all at a price that is often less than the dealer. Whether you drive a small economy car or a breathtaking luxury machine, you’ll love your experience with us from beginning to end.

 The Sun Auto Service Oil Change includes lube, oil, and filter along with a check and top off of fluids, multi-point inspection, tire pressure check and rotation in about an hour. Your car will be handled with the greatest of care. Make Benjamin Franklin proud by coming to Sun Auto Service for savings on all your automotive services! For value, exceptional service, and locations in your neighborhood, give Sun Auto Service a call.