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Learn Why Auto Repair Quotes Differ

A single problem with your vehicle can mean different quotes from different auto repair shops. No matter if the repair is covered by insurance or if you’ll be paying for it on your own, getting a realistic and accurate quote is essential to your finances and your vehicle. Sun Auto Service wants you to learn why quotes from auto repair shops for the same repair can be so different.

Different Parts

One of the biggest reasons you can get different quotes is because not all repair shops use the same parts. Different parts include aftermarket, original manufacturer or recycled equipment. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each part and manufacturer before you make a final decision, and don’t let a higher price tag make you settle for a lower quality product.

Different Levels of Completeness

Make sure that you get all of the detail necessary to make a proper comparison. Some repair facilities may recommend replacing additional related parts in an effort to save you labor and another future breakdown. An example might be the decision to replace all of your vehicle’s ignition coil parts at the same time. When they have the same age and wear as the failed part it makes sense to replace them all at once.

Different Rates for Labor

One shop may charge you more or less for the labor required to take care of your repair. Even if there’s only a difference of a couple of dollars an hour from shop to shop, those dollars can quickly add up for a more extensive repair.

Different Discounts and Specials

Your estimate might also include a temporary discount or special that another shop may not offer at the time of your repair. Besides the shop’s unique discount or special, you might qualify for a lower rate because you’re a member of an organization or because of a professional affiliation. Ask about special discounts when you take your car in for an estimate, and see if any organizations you’re part of offer special discounts on auto repairs.

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