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Is It Time for New Brakes?

Brake function goes hand-in-hand with safe vehicle operation, making your braking system one of the most critical areas on your vehicle to monitor. Scheduling regular brake inspections and getting new brakes when necessary can help you maximize your vehicle’s lifespan. If you have questions such as “How do I know when I need new car brakes?” or “How long do brakes last, anyway?” then keep reading for the answers you need.

Mysterious Sounds

Some sets of brake pads can stay fresh for up to 70,000 miles. However, your brakes may wear out more quickly if your driving routes require you to stop and start frequently. Constant braking and accelerating can wear your brake pads down, causing them to screech when they are under pressure. If you start to hear your brakes even when your windows are rolled up, it may be a sign that an inspection is needed.

Another telltale sound is a rumbling or grinding as you brake. This is often a sign your brake pads are too thin, but it can also occur when there is rust buildup on the rotor. Rust buildup can be fixed with a simple cleaning, and it can even resolve itself as the vehicle operates. Worn brake pads, on the other hand, should be replaced as soon as possible. Because there are multiple issues that can cause noisy brakes, it is helpful to schedule an appointment with a service center to determine the true source of the noise, as well as the best course of action.

Strange Sights

You have probably been there before–you start your car in a rush to get somewhere only to be greeted with the ominous glow of a dashboard light. While it can be tempting to ignore your vehicle’s service lights, they provide helpful cues about the status of your car’s health. Brake-related lights usually signify that your brakes are worn down to the point that your wear indicator has been triggered.

One of the more pressing signs that your brakes need attention is leaking brake fluid. If you see fluid under your car after you park it, then schedule an inspection as soon as you can and avoid driving your car until the issue is resolved. One way to avoid having to deal with these situations is to request routine maintenance checks when you get your oil changed. Service technicians can notify you when they recognize the potential beginnings of issues.

Something Feels Funny

No one wants to get their car inspected unnecessarily, which is why people tend to hesitate to call when things don’t feel right. You know your car best, so when you start to notice changes in the way it handles, trust yourself. If you feel your vehicle lag to one side as you brake, then your brake surface or calipers could be in need of repair. If your foot seems to sink when you hit the brake pedal, then it could be a sign of another issue. Brakes can become under- or over-sensitive with time, and when these changes occur, it is best to find out why.

You should not feel vibration when you apply pressure to the brakes. If you do, then there may be a significant problem with your system. Vibrations like these sometimes occur when your tires are unaligned, but they can also be caused by a malfunctioning suspension system. Shaking that occurs mainly in the steering wheel may indicate your rotors are deteriorating.

Great Service Means Peace of Mind

Now that you know some of the key indicators that your brakes need attention, you should be proactive by calling to schedule an appointment when issues arise. You can also have your car inspected at regular maintenance intervals, potentially reducing the amount of time and money you spend dealing with major repairs. If the time does come for new brakes, it is helpful to have some advance notice.

The technicians at Sun Auto Service are ASE certified and are trained to perform preventative maintenance against larger problems. They can provide expert yet affordable service to most vehicle types, including those with anti-lock brake systems, also known as ABS. There is no time like the present to verify your brakes’ performance and safety, so call or visit Sun Auto Service today.