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How to Prepare Your Car for the Summer Heat

Summer is here in all of its scorching glory. No matter if you plan on driving to your vacation destination or if you plan on staying local, Sun Auto Service recommends that you take the proactive approach to prepare your vehicle for the summer heat.

Take a Look Under the Hood

Feel free to bring your vehicle in for us to take a look at your belts and hoses. Several of your vehicle’s accessories are run by a serpentine belt, and the summer heat can cause premature damage as well as a host of other problems that you don’t want to deal with or pay for.

We also recommend that you have your air conditioning system checked to make sure it’s ready to keep you and your passengers nice and cool while you’re driving.

Check Your Tires

If you’re having problems with your tires, they can be made worse in the summer, and that’s especially true with the hot summer asphalt. Have your tire pressure checked, allow one of our technicians to check for wear and tear, and make sure all of your tires are properly aligned.

Consider an Oil Change

Summer heat can thin your oil, which can compromise its ability to protect the internal components of your car. This is the reason it’s recommended that you change to a thicker oil viscosity during the hotter months of the year. Another reason to think about having your oil changed is that doing so can improve your overall gas mileage.

Air it Out

Be sure to have your air filter inspected and changed if necessary whenever you take your vehicle in for an oil change. A clean air filter helps your engine perform at its absolute best. You’ll want to be especially diligent about inspecting your vehicle’s air filter if you live in an area where dust storms are common.

Keep Your Auto Maintenance Costs Cool This Summer

No matter how far or near you plan on going this summer, Sun Auto Service is here to help protect your vehicle with dealership-quality services without the dealership price tag. Check out our Locations Page to find a Sun Auto Service near you.