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Great Places to See Fall Foliage in Texas

Fall Foliage in TexasFall foliage is one of the great natural wonders you can avail yourself of with very little extra cost and very little travel time. That’s because it happens all around you, so you don’t have to go that far from home to see it. No matter where you happen to be in Texas, you can see the vibrant color change happening with the seasonal shift all around. Of course, if you want to really get a good look at the best scenery Texas has to offer, you need to take yourself out on the road. In a land as vast as this state, there are some very diverse scenes to see. Here are a few of the best destinations you could easily plan a weekend getaway to see.

Top Destinations to Enjoy Fall Colors in Texas

Here are a few of the best sites out there, complete with estimated travel times from Austin, Texas.

  1. Garner State Park: If you are looking to drive out to a site where you can enjoy bright colors from your car or from the vantage point of a natural trail system, then you want to view Garner State Park. Its majestic bluffs stand out above the tree line, providing contrast with the color change, and when you see the colors of fall in Texas reflected in the pristine waters of the Frio River, you will get a double dose of natural glory. The trip takes about three hours, but the route takes you through San Antonio, so it’s easy to make a stop for food or fuel.
  2. Lost Maples State Hiking Area: Known as one of the best sites for hiking, camping, and fall foliage in Texas, this campground features over 10 miles of trails and 30 sites for you to choose from. It is also the namesake of the Lost Maples Foliage Report, the go-to guide for Texas foliage information. You can reach it in about 3 hours from Austin. It’s a bit to the north of Garner State Park, making it easy to see both in a single trip to Hill Country.
  3. Dinosaur Valley State Park: If you’re interested in going to North Texas, you can find a number of fall attractions, but few will be as beautiful and unique as Dinosaur Valley State Park. With trees such as the Virginia creeper, elm, sumac, oak, and cedar elm, you won’t miss out on variety either. There are also hiking and mountain bike trails, swimming areas, and even water sports for those inclined to head out in a boat or kayak. You can reach this park in a little over two and a half hours if you are going north from Austin.
  4. Lake Bob Sandlin State Park: Going eastward in the direction of the sea and the state of Louisiana, you will find unique fall colors in Texas. Sweetgum, hickory, and red maple run throughout this area, and it stays lit up from mid-October to mid-November. The drive is four and a half hours, so it does take some time to get there, but you will be near Dallas/Fort Worth, an easy place to stop for supplies just before you get to your campsite.
  5. Daingerfield State Park: Our final location for great fall colors in Texas is Daingerfield State Park. Located in East Texas, it is the perfect place to start a tour in the region, and you can easily access other east Texas landmarks from here. Lake Bob Sandlin, Atlanta, and Caddo Lake state parks are all nearby. You can get there from Austin in about five hours.

Preparing for Your Fall Foliage Color Tour

If you are getting ready to head out and see the colors that Texas has to offer every fall, you need to be at ease when putting on those miles. Because you will be driving to some of the most beautiful and far-flung locations Texas has to offer, the best way to make sure you are ready for a trip like that is to have your vehicle checked over by an auto repair shop you trust. Sun Auto Service is happy to provide that consultation with a little advance notice, so call today to make your appointment for a fall vehicle checkup and oil change. It will let you get on the road with peace of mind when you go out to see those fall colors.