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Effective Ways to Keep Your Auto AC Running Cool

Nevada and Texas have some of the hottest summers in the nation. The professionals at Sun Auto Service are here to offer you five tips for keeping your AC running efficiently and out of the auto AC repair shop all summer to keep both you and your finances cool and comfortable.

  1. Have Your Fan Belt Checked
    Allow one of our technicians to take a look at your car’s drive belt to ensure it’s working properly. Not only is the belt important in keeping your air conditioner in working order, but it also powers other critical components like the water pump, power steering pump, and alternator.
  2. Top Off Your Coolant
    Make sure that your radiator and A/C condenser are clean and free of any debris. A clogged condenser restricts the air flow across the unit which limits the ability to dissipate heat produced by the air conditioning system.
  3. Flush Your Radiator
    It’s best that you have your radiator flushed every two years, which we can do with special cleaning chemicals. Maintaining your engine’s cooling system helps run at the correct operating temperature. An engine that is running too hot can affect the performance of the air conditioning system as well.
  4. Cut Off Your Air Conditioner Before You Turn Off Your Engine
    Turning off your AC before you turn off your engine not only lessens the shock of being hit with a blast of heat when you step out of your cool car, it also helps extend battery life. The next time you start your car, the battery doesn’t have to work harder to turn on the air while simultaneously turning your engine over.
  5. Use Your Air Conditioner
    If you like to roll your windows down rather than blast the air conditioner to save gas or because you simply prefer to have the windows down when it’s not too hot out, you’ll want to turn on the AC every now and then. The reason for this is so you can clear out mildew, buildup and general staleness from your system. We recommend you dial it up to full blast every now and then and leave it there for about 10 minutes. This is also important because the refrigerant circulates the lubricating oil in the system which keeps vital parts lubricated, as well as keeping the seals in the system from drying out.

Let Us Help Keep You Cool and Your Car in Good Condition

To ensure your AC is running cool and operating smoothly throughout the year visit the Sun Auto Service location nearest you.  As your complete auto service provider, our qualified team of Service Advisors and Technicians work diligently to help keep your vehicle safely on the road.