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Does Experience Count When it Comes to Auto Repair?

When it comes to choosing who will work on your vehicle, there are a variety of different choices. One of your largest deciding factors is likely the amount of experience the auto shop and the technicians have. So now the question is: how much experience should an auto repair shop have?

Why Sun Auto Service?

Just like you’d want a specialized doctor for a complex procedure, you should also want a team of auto experts working on your vehicle. Being an established family-owned and operated auto repair company, Sun Auto Service has the expert technicians needed to take care of your vehicle. We hire ASE Certified technicians, which means only technicians with extensive training are working on your car.

How Much Is Enough?

In terms of how much experience an auto shop should have, it depends on the specific repair or service you need to have done. Oil changes and other basic auto maintenance may not require as much experience as something like replacing a transmission mount, removing an engine or replacing a water pump. No matter what service you are having performed, it should only be done by people you trust and technicians with experience.

There are also some vehicles that are harder to work on than others. One reason for this is that the automobile might be designed in a way that requires some extra work to access a certain part. Specialty tools are often required for specific makes and models of vehicles, such as certain European vehicles due to their many complexities.

If you drive a classic, rare or foreign car, you especially want to make sure it’s well taken care of. When you choose Sun Auto Service for your vehicle’s repairs, you can count on us to service it with excellence. Our expert auto team services all makes and models of vehicles with confidence!