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Do You Know When to Replace Your Shock Absorbers or Struts?

The job of your car’s struts is to keep your vehicle even and balanced on the road. However, they begin to wear down over time. Bad struts can result in reduced handling ability, more wear and tear on all suspension parts, and potential damage to the steering system. Struts house several suspension parts, including the shocks, which can affect your car’s alignment. The main job of your car’s shocks is to ensure a smooth ride by absorbing shock and supporting the weight of the vehicle. Shocks also level the car when driving over a bump to keep it from bouncing.

Visual Signs

If the shocks or struts appear damaged or dented, there can be visible fluid leaks or irregular wear patterns on the tires, in which case you should consider having the parts checked. You can test your shocks by pressing down hard on the corners of your car. If it keeps bouncing after you let go, your struts and shocks could need replacing. A qualified technician at Sun Auto Service can check your shock absorbers to see if there are significant leaks, worn bushings or mounts, or physical damage and dents.

Vehicle Handling

Some of the easiest ways to know if your shocks or struts need replacing is to pay attention to your vehicle responses. For instance, if you have poor steering response, experience a shaky or bumpy ride, have instability when braking, have noise or stiffness when steering, or encounter leaning or swaying when changing lanes or turning, it’s probably time to invest in new shocks and struts.

Mileage Recommendations

Some mechanics suggest strut and shock replacement at specific intervals, such as every 50,000 miles. However, this can vary by vehicle, where you drive, and how hard you are on your car. For example, carrying heavy loads can wear out shocks faster. Also, if you frequently drive on rough roads, you will probably need replacements more often than if the majority of your driving is on smooth pavement.

Safety and Peace of Mind

Did you know that replacing your shocks or struts can mean the difference of your car stopping up to 10 feet sooner? While struts and shocks are not usually as high of a safety priority as brakes, neglecting them can potentially cause more wear and tear on the rest of your car. Additionally, they are essential for your car to function properly. Stop by Sun Auto Service if you’re unsure when to replace your struts and shocks. Our expert technicians are ASE Certified and specialize in strut and shock replacements in both Nevada and Texas.