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Do You Know What Those Warning Lights Mean?

To properly maintain a vehicle, it is advisable you learn what your car’s various warning lights mean. These lights are designed to communicate to you what your vehicle is in need of or what may need to be serviced. Take the time to learn what the following lights indicate, and be ready to act when you see them because it could save you a great deal of time and money in the long run.

Engine Light

The engine light resembles the outline of an engine block or may specifically state “Check Engine”. When this light is illuminated on your dashboard, it indicates your car needs immediate attention to prevent irreparable damage to the engine. The light could come on in response to a number of problems connected to the system, including emissions, fuel, speed of the engine, and ignition timing.

Brake Light

The brake warning light looks like an exclamation mark inside of a circle that is enclosed within a set of parentheses. It indicates that there could be a problem with your brake system. Some possible problems could be low brake fluid, leaks in the brake lines, or a fault in the ABS system.

Coolant Light

Your car’s engine requires a special fluid that keeps the system from getting so hot it fuses together. This is known as coolant. When there is a problem with your coolant level, a warning light will illuminate on your dash. The problem could be due to a leak in the system or a head gasket failure, and should be addressed immediately. This light looks like the lines on a thermometer on top of wavy lines.

Tire Pressure Light

When your tire pressure is not where it should be, your tire pressure warning light may become visible. This light looks an open-topped flat tire with an exclamation mark in the center. If you see this light, it could be due to a slow leak in one of your tires, a flat, or another problem that should be addressed as soon as possible.

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

When it comes to keeping a car in the best possible shape, it is important that you never ignore warning lights. In most cases, these lights illuminate to indicate a looming problem so you have time to address the issues before they become more serious and damaging to your vehicle. Keeping on top of maintenance may not only extend the life of your car; it can also save you a lot of grief in dealing with previously preventable repairs.