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Do You Know What a Muffler Is?

There are a few parts of your car that you should be familiar with, even if you never work on it yourself. When you hear certain sounds or see unordinary things, they could be signs that indicate it is time for a professional to take a look in order to keep your vehicle running and to avoid any costly repairs. One of those essentials parts is the muffler. Learn more about what it is, how it works and signs that it may need to be replaced.


As the name indicates, the muffler muffles the sound that is created by the engine of the vehicle. As the engine works to generate power, it creates numerous sounds that reverberate through the exhaust valves. If a muffler is not working properly or is missing, a vehicle will be very noisy. The muffler also helps to direct toxic fumes away from the vehicle, which is very important for driver and passenger safety.

How They Work

Mufflers quiet the sounds of the engine by essentially canceling out the noises. This is accomplished by the series of tubes, chambers and baffles that are found on the inside of a muffler. These components work together to deflect the sound waves in a way that they cancel each other out. While common mufflers are made to silence the noise, there are certain designs that amplify the noise to create a growling sound. This is how many sports cars, trucks and motorcycles get their “roar.”

Their Effect on Vehicles

It is required that vehicles have mufflers as they help to reduce noise and exposure to toxic chemicals. Though they do provide clear benefits, some people may not be very fond of them. Seeing as the muffler essentially funnels the exhaust gas out of the vehicle and it is quite smaller than the engine itself, it can create some back pressure which can slow the engine down. Thankfully, there are quite a few different muffler designs available, some of which address that issue so concerned individuals may be able to switch out their standard muffler for a design that fits their tastes.

When They Go Bad

There are a few signs to look for that may indicate your muffler is going bad.

  • Vehicle starts running loud
  • You notice an unpleasant smell coming from the car
  • The fuel economy drops drastically

Over time, heat and other weather elements cause the muffler to degrade on the outside, and moisture from the emissions traveling through the muffler cause it to rust on the inside. Therefore, having it replaced will likely be a possibility at some point.

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