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Click, Click, Click – Is That Your Battery?

issues with car batteryYour battery plays an integral role in getting your vehicle started by providing the electrical current to start your engine. When you attempt to start your vehicle and instead hear the click, click, click sound you may immediately assume your battery has reached its end. This clicking sound could indicate the battery has failed or is failing, however, there may be a few more components that could contribute to your vehicle’s inability to start.

Getting Started

Most cars and trucks today use an electric starting motor and four other main parts that work together to start the car. These parts include:

    • Battery – Supplies electrical current to the ignition switch.
    • Ignition Switch – Activates the main electrical system for the vehicle and transmits the battery volts to the starter solenoid. Requires the key or button to engage.
    • Starter Relay or Solenoid – Receives an electrical current from the ignition switch and sends it to the starter to start the engine.
    • Battery Cables – Carry electrical current from the battery to the starter and into the vehicle’s electrical system which allows the car to run electrical accessories, such as the radio.
    • Starter motor – Equipped with a gear that when the electrical current contacts the motor, work together to spin the engine over. Combined with fuel and spark into the cylinder, it ignites and starts the engine.

What Kind Of Click Do You Hear?

With so many components working to start the vehicle, the clicking sound you hear, may not be the battery after all.  Clicking sounds are often relative to the starter relay and solenoid and might indicate the battery is low on volts. One loud click may indicate that the starter relay or starter motor may not be engaging with the engine. However, rapid clicking is a good indicator that the battery is low on volts. When the battery is near the end, you may also notice that the vehicle is slower than normal to start or presents an unusual sound at start up.

The vehicle’s computer is very intuitive in every function of your vehicle’s operation. While you are placing your key into the ignition and turning it or pressing the push-to-start button, the computer is running a series of self-checks to ensure the vehicle has enough power to start and run efficiently. If your car hesitates during turn over, the computer immediately recognizes that something could be wrong with the battery voltage.

Find An Expert

Have your battery tested often to check the status of your battery. An expert technician, like those you’ll find at Sun Auto Service, will be able to inform you of your battery’s condition. A lower than normal charge will indicate that battery life is limited and considering replacement soon will keep you from experiencing the inconvenience of a dead battery.

You’ll be impressed with the service provided by our family-owned business. Every Oil Change service with Sun Auto Service includes a complimentary battery test as part of the multi-point inspection. If it’s determined that your vehicle is in need of a new battery, we offer an incredible 5-year free replacement warranty on each battery! We understand the inconvenience of unexpected car trouble which is why we offer same-day service so that you can be back on the road as quickly as possible. Contact a Sun Auto Service near you, to help.