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Car Companions: Man’s Best Friend

Many drivers like to bring their pet along when they are out and about. You can take your dog to run errands with you, bring them to their favorite park, or just “go for a ride.” Either way, it’s nice to have a companion with you. However, traveling with your dog can be hard on your car. Pet hair can pile up quickly, and your car will likely get a little dirtier than usual. To keep your car both people and pet friendly, use these helpful tips.

Start Fresh

Before you take these precautions, it is a good idea to start fresh and remove any traces of pet debris from your car. When your car is properly cleaned, precautions like floor mats and seat covers make a big difference. If you do not start fresh, you may just be covering another mess.

Invest in Heavy-Duty Floor Mats

When dogs travel in a car, they can easily ruin the floors if you are not careful. It is a good idea to get heavy-duty floor mats that will protect the carpet. Good floor mats are also easier to clean. For the most durable mats, look for a high quality, non-slip rubber.

Install Seat Covers

Keeping your car clean is often easier with seat covers. This is particularly true with animals because you can remove the covers and wash them. In many cases, it is easier to remove dirt and hair from seat covers than trying to remove this debris from the actual seats of your car.

Protect Your Seats With Fabric Guard

Even if you use seat covers, it is still helpful to apply a stain and water-resistant fabric guard to your seats. If your dog has an accident, it will probably seep through the cover into the cushion. The right protectant can minimize the damage that results from the accident. Fabric guard is also a great way to shield against slobber from your pet.

Safety First

Safety is an important part of driving for both you and your pet. Pets are fun to have along on trips but can easily become a distraction. Sitting on your lap while you drive or sitting or standing in the front seat, are just a couple of examples of how driving with your pet can be a safety issue. Traveling with an unrestrained pet is also of concern. If you hear your dog moving around and making noise, etc. you’ll be more likely to take your eyes off the road to see what’s happening in the back seat.

One of the best ways to travel safely with your pet is by using a pet carrier, crate, or a pet seat belt. While a pet carrier or crate will keep your dog from jumping into the front seat, it may not protect him during a collision. A pet seat belt works like a harness that attaches to the car seat, so that the restraint pulls on the dog, spreading any force through the area of the harness and helps to keep your pet from being hurt.

Traveling with your best friend should be a treat for both of you and doesn’t have to cause problems for your car. Take advantage of these tips so your car stays in great shape and you and man’s best friend ensure a safe arrival.