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An Affordable Way to Improve the Appearance of Your Car

misceHeadlight restoration is a good car improvement strategy. It makes your car look like new, while also improving the safety of your vehicle. Foggy headlights mean that you have less light to travel by when it is dark than if the headlights were clean. The professionals at Sun Auto Service know that you don’t always have to pour a lot of money into your vehicle in order to make it look and function better.

Improve the Appearance

How does headlight restoration improve vehicle appearance? That is an easy answer. When you first purchase a vehicle, you will notice the headlights are clean and clear and do not have a murky quality. Therefore, when you restore your headlights to their original glory, you will remove the smear that has built up over time. This makes the headlights look like new, which improves the overall look of your vehicle.

The Fog

This hazy fog that can sometimes be found on headlights is actually a result of plastic oxidation. Headlights today are made from a tempered plastic that is naturally very porous. To combat the porousness of the plastic, manufacturers use a film on the headlights. After years of driving and being subjected to heat, chemicals and UV rays, this protective film wears away. That is when oxidation starts to take place and turns your once clear headlights into foggy headlights.


Now that you know why headlight restoration is such a good idea, you are probably wondering how you can do it. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, this is not a difficult process. You have to use window cleaner, a headlight restoration kit, tape, towels and possibly even a power drill. You will need to:

  1. Clean the outside of the headlight with window cleaner, and dry it thoroughly.
  2. Tape off the area around the light to protect your paint.
  3. Follow the instructions on the restoration kit to sand and polish as needed.
  4. Dry the headlight.
  5. Polish the headlight according to the directions on the kit.
  6. Dry the headlight.
  7. Apply sealer to the headlight.
  8. Remove the tape.

Of course, certain experts like those at Sun Auto Service will be able to give you lots of help in this area as needed.

If you are unsure if your vehicle is in need of headlight restoration or if you would be more comfortable leaving this work to the professionals, bring your vehicle to the nearest Sun Auto Service location and our technicians will be able to provide you with a consultation and, if needed, restore your headlights to look as good as new.

Simple Steps

These simple steps will lead to a huge improvement in your car’s appearance. These steps will also increase the function, and therefore the safety, of the headlights. If you are looking for other, affordable ways to improve your vehicle, make sure to talk to the experts at Sun Auto Service.