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10 Must-Have Car Accessories Under $50

Most Americans spend many hours in their autos commuting, getting the kids around town and keeping up with a busy lifestyle. If you have to be in the car, you might as well make the drive comfortable and easy. Here are 10 cool car accessories that will keep you and your passengers comfy, clean and happy, no matter where the road leads.

  1. Rubber Floor Mats
    Car mats protect your car’s floors from sand, mud and more. You won’t have to spend hours cleaning the beach or weather-managing chemicals out of your vehicle. Instead of buying mats that are customized to your car, spend $20-$40 for a set that can be trimmed to fit.
  2. Pet Hammock
    If you love to take your canine buddy in the car with you, you need a great back seat cover. A pet hammock protects your upholstery and keeps your pets in the back seat to prevent them from coming up front and causing an accident. Find a good quality hammock for $30-$50.
  3. Blind Spot Mirrors
    Convex mirrors which fit onto your outside mirrors provide more visibility of the road. Some give three-lane coverage, which is great if you drive a lot in the city. Most packages come in a set of two, and installation is quick and easy. For $15 or less, you can drive more safely.
  4. Digital Tire Gauge
    You should check your tire pressure monthly, but it can fluctuate during colder temperatures. Be sure your tires are filled correctly any time of year for a cost of $8-$10. Check your spare tire to ensure it’s ready for the job, and for added peace of mind, tuck a can of Fix-A-Flat into your trunk as well.
  5. Car Neck Pillow
    Made of memory foam, a car neck pillow attaches to the back of your car seat and provides extra support for your neck when you’re on the road. The foam retains heat, which soothes tired muscles after a long day at work.  For another $15-$20, you can pick up an extra pillow to give your passenger a better ride.
  6. Memory Foam Seat Cushion
    A seat cushion improves your posture when you’re behind the wheel. If you ever feel stiff and sore after driving, with a cushion, you should sit more comfortably and not have as much pain when you get out of the car. You can find these pillows for $30-$50.
  7. Dash Camera Recorder
    Dashboard cameras capture everything along the road: the view, license plates and accidents. Most operate on a loop, which saves memory. Get one that locks after an accident to make sure you can save the data without it being written over. These are must-have car accessories for ensuring peace of mind. Inexpensive dash cameras are available starting at $25 and up.
  8. Heated Steering Wheel Cover
    Even if there’s no snow on the ground, the steering wheel of your car can be very cold. A heated steering wheel cover helps you maintain body heat, which gives you a more comfortable ride. If you ever forget your gloves or just hate wearing them, this item is a lifesaver. Find one for about $30 at most car stores.
  9. Car Phone Cradle or Holder
    Even if your car comes with a navigation system and Bluetooth connections, there’s nothing worse than having your phone drop out of reach. When it’s in a mount on your dashboard, it keeps you connected without having to worry about where your phone is. You can find generic smartphone mounts starting at $8, though if you want one that specifically fits your phone, it might cost $20 or more.
  10. Car Vacuum Cleaner
    Cars pick up tons of dust and grime without even trying, it seems. Find a vacuum cleaner that plugs into your cigarette lighter and provides tons of cleaning power anywhere you drive. A slim nozzle can let you reach under the seat, between the cushions and into other tight areas to get all the crumbs from the cereal that got spilled this morning. At as little as $20, it’s also easy on the wallet.

Make your drive more enjoyable with cool car accessories that fit your lifestyle. There’s no reason to dread your commute and get stressed out over traffic. Upgrade your vehicle with these small items, and be ready to get out and see the world from the comfort of your car.