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Welcome to Shop Talk, where our Sun Auto Service Automotive Experts discuss and answer the most frequently asked questions from our customers across Nevada and Texas. Here you’ll learn why routine maintenance is an integral part of caring for your vehicle to knowing when your vehicle is due for repairs—all in an effort to educate our customers and demonstrate why Sun Auto Service is the one you can trust for all your automotive repairs and maintenance.

Naturally, you may still have questions regarding your vehicle. Please don’t hesitate to call your nearest Sun Auto Service where our friendly, knowledgeable Service Advisors are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Sun Auto Service: Your Local Engine Repair Shop!

Finding a great place for engine repairs can be challenging sometimes, but with the number of shops out there that specialize in a few systems, it is not going to take you very long to find somebody who can look at a particular problem. What makes Sun Auto Service special is the fact that we are able to offer full-service repairs. Read More

What Are the Warning Signs That My Manual Transmission is Going Out?

Understanding when you need to have a qualified transmission repair technician take a look at your manual transmission is key to keeping your manual transmission repair costs contained. You also might not realize it, but properly cared for manual transmissions tend to last longer without service and need less service intervention over their lifetimes than automatic transmissions. Read More

Cars Driving in Stop-and-Go Traffic Require Special Care

Frequent and aggressive braking can shorten the life of brake pads, causing the calipers to rub against the rotors. This condition can lengthen the amount of time needed to bring the car to a stop. City driving, especially during high-volume times, may involve quick bursts of power when speeding up, followed by sudden stops as the driver hits the brakes. Sun Auto Service can perform complete maintenance checks and replace or repair components to help maintain engine performance and longevity in city commuter vehicles. Read More

Transmission Repair

Your transmission is a major component in your drivetrain. Service and repairs can be costly, but you need to get the job done right. Sun Auto Service transmission shops are here to help. We combine our expertise with quality parts to give you the best results. Read More

How Does My Car's Steering and Suspension (SAS) System Work?

Your SAS system can be split into two general categories. The steering side is a complex chain that includes levers, joints, bushings, and conversion devices. It helps you control where you're going. The car suspension part uses hydraulics, struts, and springs of various configurations to locate your wheels and keep your vehicle at an appropriate ride height. See how all the pieces come together in this helpful article! Read More

Store Spotlight: Great Automotive Service in Georgetown, TX

Here at Sun Auto Service, our focus is simple: Provide our customers with the right repairs, and provide them at the right prices. Our team is known for delivering top-notch results, and without the kind of price tag you may have come to expect from visits to the dealership. Be sure to make us your first call anytime you need service or repairs in the Georgetown, Texas area. Read More