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Welcome to Shop Talk, where our Sun Auto Service Automotive Experts discuss and answer the most frequently asked questions from our customers across Nevada and Texas. Here you’ll learn why routine maintenance is an integral part of caring for your vehicle to knowing when your vehicle is due for repairs—all in an effort to educate our customers and demonstrate why Sun Auto Service is the one you can trust for all your automotive repairs and maintenance.

Naturally, you may still have questions regarding your vehicle. Please don’t hesitate to call your nearest Sun Auto Service where our friendly, knowledgeable Service Advisors are always available to answer any questions you may have.

How To Drive In Winter: Winter Driving Tips

Winter weather can throw all sorts of obstacles in your way. Snow, slush, and ice are all dangerous additions to roadways this time of year. Knowing how to drive in winter conditions is essential to keeping you safe when you get behind the wheel. Read More

Driving in Las Vegas: What You Need To Know

When you’re traveling to Las Vegas, you needn’t worry about options for getting around. Many options for getting from here to there are available–bus, taxi, monorail, or your own feet–but many will tell you that renting a car or driving your own is the key to truly experiencing Vegas. Following these tips will let you make the most of your visit to Las Vegas. Read More

Is It Time for New Brakes?

Brake function goes hand-in-hand with safe vehicle operation, making your braking system one of the most critical areas on your vehicle to monitor. Scheduling regular brake inspections and getting new brakes when necessary can help you maximize your vehicle’s lifespan. There is no time like the present to verify your brakes’ performance and safety, so call or visit Sun Auto Service today. Read More

How Do Lug Nuts Help My Wheels?

Lug nuts are very small parts on your wheel, but they have the essential job of keeping your tires attached to the hub. Using the right amount of torque on these parts is vital to the safety of your vehicle. Read More

10 Must-Have Car Accessories Under $50

Most Americans spend many hours in their autos commuting, getting the kids around town and keeping up with a busy lifestyle. If you have to be in the car, you might as well make the drive comfortable and easy. Here are 10 cool car accessories that will keep you and your passengers comfy, clean and happy, no matter where the road leads. Read More

Valvoline Oil for Your Car’s Needs

At Sun Auto Service, we rely on Valvoline oil products for all major services we perform. Whether you need a simple oil change or our complete Major Service Special, we only use the best quality Valvoline fluids for your vehicle. Read More

What Are Normal Driving Conditions in the Desert?

Minimal conditions include driving limitedly, not using your vehicle for towing, and driving in consistently moderate temperatures. Unfortunately, this does not describe the Southwestern United States, a region dominated by desert terrain. Dusty conditions and temperature extremes make desert driving fall under severe conditions that test your vehicle’s endurance. Read More

Store Spotlight: North Las Vegas

Here at Sun Auto Service, in North Las Vegas, our experienced team of ASE-certified technicians stand ready to get your vehicle back to providing the reliability you’ve become accustomed to. Read More

Winter Emergency Car Kit Essentials

n addition to cold-weather essentials such as ice scrapers and warm, protective clothing, an emergency supply should include basic equipment needed to handle a breakdown on the road. Even if you don't have to deal with winter driving in your area often, there are many items that can be essential during a common roadside emergency like an overheating engine, dead battery, flat tire, or auto accident. Read More