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A family-owned and operated business in Arizona since 1978, Sun Devil Auto offers a full range of services for residents of the metro Phoenix area. These include not only the standard repairs needed by drivers everywhere, but also preventative maintenance services that are especially important for people living in the warmer regions of the state.

For instance, all car batteries function better at moderate temperatures. That means your battery may need changing more frequently than if you lived in a cooler climate. Likewise, the air in your tires expands when the temperature rises, but overinflated tires may be under too much pressure.

Those problems and every other problem faced by drivers who live in desert weather are familiar territory to the certified technicians at Sun Devil Auto. Our Technicians are ASE Certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

Professional expertise is just one of the reasons we consistently receive an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Another is that we guarantee all our work in writing, and there are never any surprises when you see your bill, because we don't perform any work except what you specifically authorize.

Great Value

When you're not sure if your vehicle needs attention, you can bring it to your nearest Sun Devil Auto for a complimentary inspection, included with our oil change. We'll do a comprehensive check of your external transmission, your brakes, the operation of your engine, differential, cooling system. We'll also inspect and adjust your fluid levels. And that's not the only free service we offer -- if your car is undrivable, we'll tow it in for repairs.

All of these services are offered by dealerships, as well. But they're almost certainly more expensive. Compare our costs to the dealer's and you'll see the difference. Whether you're coming to Sun Devil Auto for scheduled maintenance or unscheduled maintenance, we'll have you back on the road with your vehicle running at its best...often on the very same day.

Available Services

Keeping up with routine maintenance not only improves the overall performance of your car. It also helps retain a higher resale value and helps prevent costly repairs. Bring your car to Sun Devil Auto for all your automotive needs including adjustment of the parking brake, tire rotation, standard tune-ups, alignments, and regular oil and filter changes.

If you're new to Arizona, you might want to add window tinting to help reduce the glare and heat of the desert sunlight.

When it comes to unexpected repairs, Sun Devil Auto is always on the job. Maybe your "check engine" warning light indicates that it's time for a diagnostic test. Maybe a rock flying up off the pavement cracked your windshield and you need a complete replacement. Maybe your radiator and cooling system, transmission or fuel filter isn't performing the way you want.

No matter what goes wrong, you'll find our professional mechanics can provide exactly the service you need. Call for an appointment or stop by Sun Devil Auto at any of our convenient Arizona locations.

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