Maintenance Service Special


Regular vehicle maintenance and vehicle inspections can prevent breakdowns. Save hundreds on preventive vehicle maintenance with this exclusive Sun Auto Service $495.95 regular maintenance special – compared to the $750+ average dealer price for the same service!

Any additional parts or services extra.  Some exceptions apply.  Cannot be combined with any other advertised specials.  Plus waste disposal fee.  Must present coupon at time of purchase.  Price comparison information available upon request.

Expires: 9/15/22

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Maintenance Service Special$495.95 Most cars & light trucks


Oil Change with Lube, Oil, and Filter

  • Up to 6 qts. 5W- 20 or 5W-30 Premium Valvoline Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Brake Fluid Flush

Extend the life of your brake components and ensure maximum effectiveness of your brake system with periodic flushing and replacement.

  • Our Valvoline Professional Series Brake System Flush removes old, contaminated brake fluid from the ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) and replaces it with premium dry Valvoline Brake Fluid.
  • Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air over time, which leads to soft or sluggish brake response and the corrosion of brake system components.

*Please note that some vehicles require manufacturer-specific brake fluids at an additional cost.

Power Steering Fluid Flush*

Safely lift and remove contaminants along with up to 95% of old power steering fluid.

  • Our Valvoline Professional Series (VPS) Power Steering Flush is a 2-step process which utilizes power steering flush equipment and VPS flush chemicals.
  • We replace old fluid with a new synthetic-blend Valvoline power steering fluid designed to maximize performance.
  • This service also helps reduce noise, leaks and corrosion within the power steering system.

*Please note that some vehicles require manufacturer-specific power steering fluid at an additional cost.

** Additionally, some vehicles have electric power steering where this service does not apply.

Cooling System Flush with Extended Life Coolant

Remove up to 95% of old cooling fluid with our Valvoline Professional Series Cooling System Flush.

  • Our premium flush chemicals dissolve and remove rust, scale, sludge and gel from your cooling system.
  • We add up to 1 gallon of new Extended Life Coolant, as well as a rust and corrosion protector and a sealer additive.

Transmission Fluid Flush with Max Life ATF*

This service removes harmful deposits along with up to 95% of old transmission fluid.

  • Our Valvoline Professional Series Automatic Transmission Flush is a 2-step process which utilizes a transmission fluid exchange machine and Valvoline VPS flush chemicals.
  • We replace your old fluid with new extended-life Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) as well as a protector, conditioner and sealer that helps maintain shifting characteristics and protects from wear.

*Filter and Pan Gasket additional charge if required. Some manufacturer-specific fluids may be required at an additional charge.

Multi-Point Inspection

  • Our ASE-Certified Technicians will inspect over 52 points of your vehicle and let you know if anything needs additional attention.
  • This can help prevent major expenses due to lack of maintenance.

Additional Car Maintenance Services Included Are:

  • Check Charging System and Battery 
  • Scan on-board computers for codes
  • Clean and Adjust Rear Brakes (when applicable)
  • Visual Inspection of Throttle Body and Injection System by our ASE-Certified Technicians
  • Replace Air Filter – Up to $14.95 Retail Value
  • Tire Rotation

Keep your car going the extra mile with regular vehicle maintenance from Sun Auto Service! Schedule your appointment today.

black line What Is Preventive Maintenance on a Car? black line

Preventive maintenance on your vehicle can help you prevent costly repairs. Part of vehicle maintenance includes flushing out old fluids. Learn more about how regular fluid flushes can help your car go the extra mile. 

If you aren’t sure when you should have your car serviced, visit your neighborhood Sun Auto Service! Our ASE-Certified Technicians will help you determine when you should bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance.

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