Labor Day Road Trip: Gruene, TX

There’s nothing quite like taking advantage of a long weekend to embark on a road trip with your best friends and family members. With Labor Day weekend in mind, you’re facing a perfect opportunity for adventure during your time away from work. Rather than heading to the same old destination, consider spending a little time in Gruene, TX, a historic location with plenty of beautiful scenery and culture for everyone.

While it has all of the modern amenities on hand, Gruene gives visitors a taste of what the West once was, back when it was bustling and new. From the historic main street to the water tower looming in the distance, it’s impossible not to think of roaming cowboys when you head down the street to get involved in this city’s many activities.

The History

This corner of Texas was settled by German farmers in as early as 1840. Founder Ernst Gruene and his wife and sons planted the fertile land surrounding the future land with cotton, a valuable and very sought-after crop at the time. Between 20 and 30 families moved to the area afterwards to promote the cotton industry that the Gruene family had founded, and to build their own fortune.

Many of the landmarks you’ll visit in Gruene were crafted by these original inhabitants. From the ever-popular western saloon to some of the more Victorian-style housing, each of these buildings were crafted by hand with love and care. Thanks to years of thorough upkeep and modern preservation efforts, guests can still enjoy this amazing architecture and experience what it must have been like to live in the heart of Texas over 100 years ago.

The small agricultural town grew rampantly over the decades and eventually produced its main attraction: the Gruene Hall. This old-fashioned Texas dance hall was purchased by Pat Molak in 1975 and has been the host to several popular singers and groups over the years, including B. B. King and Los Lonely Boys.


You can enjoy more than events gone by when you take your trip to the Gruene Historic District. The town’s many businesses and groups host dozens of events every year, gatherings that bring weekend guests and longtime residents together to enjoy the historic culture that’s remained alive in this backroad Texas town for decades. Some of the favorite events held in the town include:

  • The Gruene Music and Wine Festival
  • Musical performances in Gruene Hall and local bars
  • Market days with unique vendors
  • Dance classes
  • Historical tours

Each event uncovers another vibrant piece of this town’s friendly culture and provides a unique schedule for locals, visitors, young adults and seniors alike.

Aside from these events, you have easy access to a seemingly endless list of bars, restaurants and other charming locations while you’re a guest in this fine city. Good food and good company are never in short supply when you choose Gruene, TX, as your next weekend road trip destination. You can even choose to stay the night at the Gruene Mansion Inn, a local bed and breakfast with all the historic charm you’d expect.

Furthermore, this historic town is less than an hour away from the bustling city of Austin, so if the night life or amenities in Gruene aren’t enough, you have access to the big city at practically any time. A road trip has never been more convenient than this one.

Gearing Up

Gruene is just outside of New Braunfels and is less than an hour’s drive from Austin, Texas. Accessing the town is easy enough, but you need to make sure that your car is up for the journey before you head out on the open road with your friends and family in tow, especially if you have a ways to go. The best way to get this part of your journey done is by paying a visit to your ASE-certified technician at the nearest Sun Auto Service. The professionals can diagnose any issues your car might have and get you tuned up for the road ahead in no time at all.

Your car isn’t the only thing you need to bring along, of course. Packing plenty of weather-appropriate clothes and toiletries allows you to spend more time exploring your new surroundings and less time worrying about the things you left back home. Just remember that Texas gets hot during the summer, so plan accordingly.