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Sun Auto Service’s diesel oil change with Shell Rotella (SAE 15W-40) provides multiple advantages to your diesel vehicle. Diesel engine oils are engineered to work harder than a conventional motor oil due to the high demands of diesel engines such as hauling heavier loads and traveling longer distances. You can depend on Shell Rotella to protect your engine, regardless of age or road and weather conditions.   


Shell Rotella offers triple protection that delivers support to diesel engines in three aspects:


Deposit Control - Extends the life of the vehicle and maintains a top performance by keeping engine clean and clear of oil “sludge.”


Acid Control - prevents corrosion as a result of burning fuel as oil ages.


Wear Control - Prolongs the life of the engine by lubricating essential moving metal parts.


A frequently asked question in diesel vehicle ownership is “How often should diesel oil be changed?” The answer is simple. In any vehicle, the more frequently the oil is changed, the better chance of extending the life of that vehicle. In reality, avoiding regularly scheduled oil changes can affect your vehicle by causing a non-start occurrence. What's more, on most diesel engines the primary task of oil is to be used as a hydraulic fluid so that it may assist in the operation of the fuel injector pump. Additives in diesel oil are vital to improve reliability, function, and overall life of the engine.


Anti-foaming agents are additives that dissolve or reduce the formation of bubbles immediately. High pressure of the pump from fast and turbulent flow causes aeration, resulting in foam which can affect hydraulic qualities.


Vehicle manufactures recommended oil changes may vary due to mileage and driving practices. For instance, driving shorter distances in town can affect diesel engines by accumulating more contaminants resulting in the need for more frequent oil changes. At Sun Auto Service, our recommendation is to monitor your oil level by checking the level every few weeks and before any long-distance travel. Feel free to stop into any Sun Auto Service to speak with our dependable Service Advisors to review the maintenance and oil change schedule for your vehicle.  


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