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Will My Car Last Longer If I Change the Oil Frequently?

Every car manual has a recommendation for how often you should change your oil. With many mechanics offering quick and affordable service, many car owners don’t have a problem with getting an oil change every few months. Others, however, are starting to question if it is necessary. “Will my car last longer if I wait a while before changing the oil?” they wonder. It all depends on how you use the car and your driving environment. Follow these tips to determine an oil change schedule suitable for your vehicle.

Follow the Manual, Not the Sticker

Many auto shops end oil change service by putting a sticker on your windshield with a recommended date that you should schedule your next oil change. The truth is that the waiting time is probably the same for every customer. If possible, look at the manufacturer’s manual that came with your vehicle to see how often you should change your oil. It may vary drastically between different makes and models. Keep in mind that drastic climates require more frequent service to keep your engine running strong. Hot and dry conditions in states such as Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico, for example, require oil changes slightly more frequently than recommended in your manual.

Keep Your Engine Lubricated

Changing your oil on schedule can keep your engine in top-notch condition and extend the life of your vehicle. Fresh new oil keeps harmful particulates from building up and causing damage that may require future repairs.

Don’t Overdo It

Eager car owners make the mistake of changing their oil too frequently in an attempt to take care of their car in the best way possible. This may result in spending more money than necessary and inadvertently harming your engine. Advances in auto technology have greatly increased the convenience of owning a vehicle. If you don’t drive your vehicle that often, you may have to wait a significant amount of time between oil changes. Don’t think that you are neglecting your car; rather, be grateful that you own a well-made vehicle that can operate maximally with infrequent service. With many auto shops offering special discounts and coupons, getting an oil change is now easier than ever.

Routinely changing your car’s oil on a proper schedule can keep your car in great condition. Look at your manufacturer’s manual and adjust the recommended amount to your personal driving habits and weather conditions to keep your car running for years to come.