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Why Is My Check Engine Light Still On After Getting Service?

When you see the check engine light turn on, the first thing you want to do is take your vehicle to an experienced technician. A professional will be able to pinpoint the problem and locate a solution. You might think you are out of the clear when you drive out of the auto shop, but occasionally, something perplexing can happen. You may think your car is fine, but a few days later, the check engine light comes back on.

What Could Be Causing This Problem?

A check engine light does not mean any specific one thing is occurring. It could mean a number of problems are occurring with your vehicle. Some typical explanations include:

  • Broken oxygen sensor
  • Failing catalytic converter
  • Faulty mass airflow sensor
  • Loose or missing gas cap
  • Worn out wires or spark plugs

This list only consists of the most common explanations. The actual problem with your car could be something different entirely.

This means that more than one problem could be causing your check engine light to illuminate. Perhaps the technician replaced your oxygen sensor, but your engine also needs some spark plugs to be replaced. The best course of action here is to take your car to the technician again to see what else needs to be done. It might be tiresome to have to visit the auto shop multiple times in one week, but it is much more preferable to ensure your vehicle is running optimally and to make sure that nothing got overlooked.

Why Does This Need To Be Addressed Soon?

Many drivers make the mistake of ignoring the check engine light, especially if they just got something fixed. Their first instincts might be that something is simply off and that the light is on for no reason. However, you really cannot afford to take that chance. Not all vehicle problems are going to present themselves with smoke coming out of the tailpipe and loud noises coming from the engine. It is better to play it safe than sorry and get your engine looked at even if you already did that recently.

What Will a Technician Do?

You may not be overly enthused that you have to drop your vehicle off at an auto shop again, but it is ultimately for the best. If you want, you should find a technician that will offer you a free scan. In terms of actually fixing a problem, that will cost you money. However, some shops will run a quick diagnostic on your car just to see what the basic problem is. It could be something severe or something minor, such as your vehicle’s computer needing to be reset. Either way, you do not want to drive with the light on. Get it looked at so you know what is going on.