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What Should You Always Keep in Your Car for Emergencies?

It is always a good idea to be prepared for emergencies when on the road. Simple supplies can become invaluable if you ever find yourself lost, stranded or broken down. Emergency supplies aren’t just for those most dire moments—they can also help you easily overcome minor setbacks, such as a flat tire or a dead cell phone.


While you most likely already carry your cell phone with you, make sure you also travel with a car phone charger in case your battery wears down. In addition to a standard phone charger, you may also want to carry a solar phone charger, which doesn’t require the car engine. Even with your cell phone and GPS, make sure you carry printed maps as well. This backup method can come in handy if you ever find yourself lost with a drained phone battery.

Food and Drinks

Carry bottled water in your vehicle—either in a gallon jug or in individual bottles. You don’t need to carry much food, but consider keeping nonperishables in your car, such as energy bars or trail mix. Just make sure your nonperishables won’t melt in warm weather.

Clothing and Blankets

If you live in a colder climate, keep an extra coat in your vehicle in case you or someone else has to spend time outside the car. It can be a good idea to keep other warm clothes in your car as well, including gloves, a scarf and mittens. Hand warmers and blankets can also keep you and other passengers comfortable.

Automotive Supplies and First-Aid Kits

If it snows where you live, include an ice scraper in your car kit in order to ensure visibility. Flares can keep you and your car safe if you need to do repairs or call for help in an unsecure location, and a flashlight can help you see what you’re doing if you find yourself stuck after dark. Keep a flat tire fixer on hand, as well as an instructional manual if you don’t know how to fix a flat. Booster cables can often be used to restart your battery, and you can treat minor injuries with a first-aid kit.

In addition to being proactive about preparing for the unexpected, it is possible to lower your odds of such an event by keeping up with your car’s needs. Certified technicians at Sun Auto Service service center are available for routine maintenance and to address any issues your car needs resolved in order to keep you driving safely.